Posted by Michelle Goodwin

Thu, Jul 03, 2014

A Professional Fence Company should have a variety options for Commercial Gate applications. The gate systems are designed to restrict unwanted entry and ensure the protection of assets and employees. Gate systems are designed to work efficiently with repeated mechanical use in any setting. Hurricane Fence Company offers the latest in Commercial Gate System trends and technology in a plethora of scales and styles. These maneuverable fence barriers can be engineered to meet the needs of everything from small Residential Secured Access to the most complex structural demands.

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Where Is ATFP Fence Needed?

Posted by Kristen Fugere

Tue, Sep 18, 2012

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Topics: ATFP, Military Fence, High Security Fence, Terrorism

What Type Of Fence Styles Can Be ATFP Compliant?

Posted by Kristen Fugere

Wed, Sep 05, 2012

Essentially, any type of fence can be modified to meet AT/FP requirements.

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Topics: Bollards, ATFP, Military Fence, High Security Fence, Terrorism, Maximum Security Fence

What Is Barbed Wire And Barbed Tape?

Posted by Kristen Fugere

Fri, Aug 31, 2012

Barbed Wire & Barbed Tape: Most Popular Uses
Without a doubt, the primary use for barbed wire and barbed tape in the United States is for area security. The discussion below will give you a better understanding of the uses and benefits to using one over the other. Both types are almost always used in a commercial environment. The aggressive appearance of the barbs is sometimes thought to detract from the appearance and land value but, as you’ll see below, the utility of this fence security measure is invaluable!

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Topics: Military Fence, High Security Fence, Commercial Fence, Temporary Fence

What is ATFP? And Related K4 K8 K12 Perimeter Security?

Posted by Dawn Lowndes

Thu, Jun 07, 2012


Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (ATFP) is generally defined as a federal security program formed to protect personnel, information, and critical resources from outside attacks.  These attacks could be attempted by the use of Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG), truck bombs, or any means of weighted attack force. Areas of planned security could include law enforcement personnel, intelligence and training. For our purposes we will only discuss the physical security of a site.

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Topics: Bollards, Military Fence Installations, ATFP, Military Fence, Government Fence

What Do I Need To Know About Chain Link Fence?

Posted by Kristen Fugere

Wed, May 16, 2012

Chainlink is one of the most popular fence materials on the market. Its popularity primarily stems from its low price point and its ease of installation due to the material’s flexibility. Chain-link fence adapts to almost any terrain comfortably.

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Topics: Military Fence, Residential Fence, Commercial Fence

How Is A Qualified Fence Contractor Selected?

Posted by Kristen Fugere

Mon, Apr 09, 2012

Selecting a contractor to install or repair a fence is an important decision. Customers should expect professionalism and competence for the price that they will pay. There are many individuals who list their services however many lack the experience or qualifications to complete a difficult fencing project. Before choosing a fence contractor, it is important for each customer to consider his or her needs. Commercial, Governmental and Residential fencing projects all have different project requirements. A contractor that succeeds in one of these sectors may not necessarily be experienced in others.

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Topics: Military Fence, Residential Fence, Commercial Fence

Who Provides Dependable Fence Solutions?

Posted by Kristen Fugere

Thu, Feb 16, 2012

Hurricane Fence has been a dependable provider of fence solutions for nearly twenty years. Owners, John Lowndes and Dennis Sulser, first opened Hurricane Fence in Richmond’s Fulton Hill neighborhood in 1994 and have been helping serve and expand their loyal customer base ever since.

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Topics: ATFP, Military Fence, Government Fence, Residential Fence, Commercial Fence

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