What are the different types of residential fence?

Posted by Michelle Goodwin on Sat, Aug 14, 2010
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Highlighted below are the three main types of residential fencing available at most professional fence companies. Your fence choice will be contingent on various security, privacy and landscape enriching factors. Fences readily mark the boundaries of your property and perform many other important functions including child and pet containment and landscape beautification. Residential communities may enforce fence design requirements such as specific heights and stain color. Be sure to research any Homeowner Association (HOA) or community restrictions before shopping for your fence design.

Picking your fence can also be affected by your environmental factors. As an example, homeowners in beach communities must consider salt air exposure that can cause corrosion if not addressed. It is best practice to ask a knowledgeable local installer to explain any concerns that may be present in your locality.

Residential Wood Fence – Wood fencing typically ranges from 4describe the image to 6 feet high and is available in many different styles and finishes. The most popular selections are 4-foot high picket and 6-foot high dog-ear privacy fences. The “Green Minded” customer will be happy to know about the full line of new environmentally friendly of pressure treated lumber products. Many companies bring prefabricated panels to the home for installation.  These materials have installation limitations that can seriously affect the final presentation. Quality minded fence companies like Hurricane Fence prefer not install wood fence panels. The best wood fence is built piece-by-piece at the home site. This method ensures the durability of the fence’s structure. It is important to consider how the fence will be constructed for you. You want the most beautiful fence you can get, so do your homework on the company’s installation process.

Residential Vinyl Fence- Vinyl fencing products are virtuallydescribe the image maintenance free with warranties not present in other types of residential fence. The most popular vinyl fences selected by homeowners are 4-foot high picket and 6-foot high white privacy fences. Many different styles and colors to choose from will allow you to increase property values while showcasing your home in your neighborhood. Vinyl products offer many height selections for your particular application needs. At Hurricane Fence Company in Richmond Virginia our residential vinyl fence is constructed piece-by-piece on site ensuring durability despite the effects time and weather exposure. Again, installation method is an important consideration when choosing your installer.

Residential Aluminum Fence- Aluminum fence material offers thedescribe the image great look of wrought iron fencing without its huge expense and extensive maintenance. It is available in countless styles and colors. A growing number of people are choosing aluminum fence for their property delineation. This type of fence offers an expansive view allowing enclosure without the visual limitations of privacy fencing. Aluminum fences are powder coated for a long lasting finish. The powder coating resists corrosion and weathering in any climate. It is virtually maintenance free. Aluminum fence adds value and protection to your property and pool areas with the most popular selection being the 4-foot high pool code variety.


Hurricane Fence Company provides free estimates, experienced design services, and custom installations in Richmond, Williamsburg, Norfolk, and the surrounding Virginia areas.

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