What are bollards and how can they protect your company?

Posted by Dawn Lowndes on Mon, Aug 30, 2010

Bollards are short vertical posts used to protect exposed structures or objects from damage by moving vehicles. Sizes range from 24” to 42” in height with different diameters depending on the degree of security required. They are a specialty product that targets a specific task or threat. Types of Bollards available are collapsible, removable, manually assisted and automatic pop up.

  • Collapsible bollards collapse by using a key or allen wrench to unlock the bollard.  It then folds down to allow traffic to pass through an area. These bollards are used for traffic control.


  • Removable bollards can be unlocked from its support base to allow access to certain areas when needed.


  • Manually assisted bollards are crash rated bollards that are hydraulically raised by unlocking the bollard and manually pulling the bollard upward until it locks in place.


  • Automatic Pop Up bollards are crash rated and automatically deploy when an alarm device is activated. These bollards are used as protection against criminal or terrorist attacks.


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Bollards are used for ship moorings, traffic control and protectionfrom criminal and terrorist attack. We also use bollards to protect fence and walls in parking garages and lots, gate operators and access control devices in gated communities, parking areas in front of our favorite convenient store and key

Automatic or pop up bollards installed in different arrays have utility installations increasingly been used to protect government facilities and military installations against potential terrorist threats. Bollards are only one part of a security plan when incorporated into a complete perimeter security system. Bollards control traffic patterns and provide a major deterrent against criminal or terrorist attack. Depending on the need, bollards provide a product that can achieve the end result with a small footprint at a relatively small cost.

There are many companies that supply specialty bollards and bollard systems. Most contractors can supply and install any generic stationary bollard. At Hurricane Fence we can supply and install both. If you have a need for this product or just looking for some advice please feel free to contact us.

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