The top three reasons to install a privacy fence!

Posted by Dawn Lowndes on Mon, Sep 20, 2010
There are valuable benefits of choosing a privacy fence to meet your fencing needs. Whether you are looking at either wood or vinyl fencing the main reasons is still the same.

Privacy, Security, and Increased Property Value!

PRIVACY:    The most obvious benefit to choosing a privacy fence is privacy itself. The old saying of “Good fences make good neighbors” seems ever more apparent nowadays. With homes being built closer to each other privacy has become more and more valuable.  People are choosing to turn their backyards into an exclusive getaway area. Naturally they wanted that newly captured outdoor space to be as cozy and intimate as possible.  Privacy fences can help to create spectacular patio and backyard environments for relaxing and entertaining.

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SECURITY:   Security can cover several different scenarios. Being able to provide a private and safe environment for your children to play and run around. Having an area for the family pet to run and not have to worry about them escaping. The family will be much happier not being locked up in the house all day and your patio furniture will still be intact after a first-class nights sleep. Being able to deter any unwelcome people from just walking through your yard can provide a piece of mind that is priceless.

INCREASED PROPERTY VALUE:   For the above reasons more and more people find a privacy fence at a home they are considering purchasing a great selling point. Buyers will see it as one less thing they will need to take care of when choosing to purchase the home. Keeping your fence in good repair is essential to maintaining property value. The newest products offer beauty with little to no maintenance on the existing homeowner’s part.

In addition to these reasons the different kinds of privacy selections add will beauty to a property.  There are so many styles and colors to choose from in wood and vinyl materials. A well researched project will help assure that a privacy fence will be pleasing to the eye as well as creating a boundary for your property.

Article contributed by fence professional Jamie Patterson.

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