What is the best type of swimming pool fence?

Posted by Dawn Lowndes on Wed, Sep 29, 2010
The choice of pool fencing begs that the questions below be answered:

¨    Is this a private backyard pool? 

¨    Is this a hotel or resort pool?

¨    Is this a community or public pool?

A backyard pool fence type would depend on whether or not you desire privacy when taking laps or are quietly floating around. Nearby neighbors can be cause for another privacy consideration. You may also have a wonderful view you do not want to block.    A community pool may be very concerned with security from night invaders looking for an unwelcomed swim.   A hotels or resorts will always be looking for the most enhancing look possible in their fencing choice.

Your specific needs will determine what the best pool fence is for your purposes.  You must also need to review pool fence codes when making your decision. Read on for more product details to help you decide what the best type of fence for your pool will be.

Ornamental pool fencing is the most revered selection in the fence industry. These aluminum or steel fences provides a wonderfully decorative look and allow for good airflow. It also gives the lounging sunbather an unobstructed view while providing needed security.

ornamental pool fence

The most popular ornamental styles are 4 foot high 2-rail and 6 foot high pressed point. The 4 foot high 2-rail design allows the customer the shortest height fence allowed by pool code.  The shorter fence allows for plenty of airflow and panoramic views. The 6 foot high pressed point design gives the customer the decorative look of ornamental, but also provides great perimeter security. 

Additionally, ornamental gates are easy to install with self-closing and latching hardware that readily meets pool code. Other gates, such as vinyl, can only make use of less trusty hardware selections. Ornamental gates are typically lighter and thereby have less wear and tear on the installed gate hardware. Ornamental fence is definitely the most reliable for gate material.

Wood, vinyl, or chain link fence with privacy slat inserts offers complete privacy for pool fences. Wood fence is also the most cost effective way to produce a private pool area. Vinyl is the most decorative privacy style and has numerous colors to suit your homes look. Chain link with privacy slats gives the customer the most secure privacy fence.

Airflow can be big concern when opting for privacy fencing. If you have a small pool area with little to no shade this is something that should be taken into proper consideration before selecting your fence.

Per pool code, all walk gates for pool fence must be self- closing and latching. They must swing out or away from the pool area. Driveway gates must remain locked at all times because they cannot self close or latch.  

With all these variables and considerations, it would be impossible to assess the BEST POOL FENCE without your compete project details. It really is up to YOU to decide what is your best pool fence!

Comment below and tell us about your best pool fence.

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