Pool Fence Latches: What are my safety options?

Posted by Michelle Goodwin on Wed, Mar 23, 2016

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In ground pools have become more affordable in the past decade and that makes the subject of operational gate latches  a major benefit to homeowners and pool fence installers. It can be a confusing topic for those who are not familiar with pool code requirements.Pool safety latches are designed to make it difficult, if not impossible, for small children to open the gate. These latches typically open by pulling up on a knob that releases the latch. This is an unusual opening action and kids are not inclined to understand how to unlock the gate. The latches are installed at the top of the gate to ensure that the latch is ‘out of reach’. Virginia Pool Code requires that the latch mechanism be at 54” above ground or higher. These latches also have a key lock on them as well. Pool gates must also be equipped with automatically self-closing hinges that open away not towards the pool area.Once the gate swings back to the closed position the latch will automatically engage: it is then necessary for the pool-owner to actually turn the lock on the gate for additional security.Every city, county, or municipality has some form of pool code or regulations regarding the gate latches for pool fences. Choosing an aluminum or vinyl pool gate latch that is compliant with those particular regulatory codes, is very important for safety and liability . 
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Peace of Mind is Priceless
Even in the very rare situation that your city, county or municipality does not have a code regulating the use of pool safety latches it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. Your pool or fence professional will be familiar with your local pool fence code.By using an approved pool safety latch you will be providing security for your family as well as any wandering neighborhood children and pets who may exhibit interest in your inviting new pool. 

Below are a few options for your pool fence safety latch. Before you select and buy your latch, it is best to speak with your hired fence project manager in order to make sure that the pool fence you are installing or updating will work with this type of pool attachment.

MagnaLatch Series 3 Top Pull Manual Lock
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  • Tested to 2 million cycles!
  • Up to 50% stronger!
  • • Visual Indicator provides locked & unlocked status
  • • 6-pin re-keyable security lock
  • • Vertical & horizontal alignment indicators
  • • Superior performance in extreme climates
  • • Industry's greatest gate/post movement tolerance
  • • Innovative vertical & horizontal adjustment
  • • T-track for superior fixing strength
  • • Lift knob is more ergonomic and child resistant
  • • Industry leading magnetic latching technology

MagnaLatch Series 3 Magnetic Pool Child Safety Gate Latch - Top Pull 
  • World's most trusted pool safety gate latch. Industry leader protecting millions of toddlers and pets.

  • Superior magnetic mechanism ensures frictionless, self-latching every time. No jamming!

  • For Vinyl, Wood, or Metal Gates

  • No rusting or corroding

  • Super-tough polymer construction

  • D&D Technologies Magna Latch and Versa Latch. Both are key locked for extra safety.  

MagnaLatch Key-Lockable Side Pull

    • • Reliable latching action

      • Key-lockable

      • Adapts to all gates

      • Magnetically triggered (no jamming or sticking)

      • Quick & easy install

    *Please note: Magna Latch only works on shorter fences
    because the owner must be able to reach over the latch to operate it.

    magna latch side pull pool latch


  • Vera Latch: can be used for both taller fences, which are typically used for larger pools or commercial pool fence installations.

For more on pool safety specifications visit the links below.

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