Think Inside The Box: Commercial Dumpster Enclosures with Outdoor Aesthetic Appeal

Posted by Michelle Goodwin on Fri, Nov 18, 2016

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Dumpster enclosures range tremendously in size. The 3 or 4 sided enclosure will range from 10 ft. wide  by  8' ft. deep  by  6 ft.  tall  or  8 ft.  wide  to 30’ w  by 12’ deep x  6’ and include one double swin gate.

Municipalities typically dictate the need for a dumpster enclosure. Extensive coverage and property line limitations must also be considered and approved per local code requirements.

Enclosure materials will vary from wood privacy style dumpsters, to vinyl/PVC and sometimes composite materials.

This doesn't mean that all dumpster enclosures have to the eye sore you are used to seeing at places like your neighborhood convenience store.

Not Just Business as Usual
Just like fences, dumpster enclosures can be tailored not only for your specific and intended use, but can be attractive additions to your property. Often subconciously, they communicate a higher level of  professionalism. This infers that property maintenance is not an oversight.

This customcommercial wood design by Hurricane Fence's Drew Locher is a great solution for Hardywood Brewery

Check out some of our unique dumpster enclosure  jobs that required intricate planning and engineering. All local. All installed by Hurricane Fence.

A brown wood grain Composite Dumpster Gate  has one latch down the center for easy and frequent access.

What is Composite Fence Material?

Dumpster enclosure gates will demand steel gate posts sized to appropriately support the gate leaf needed for the opening.  

Additionally, the gate frame should also be steel with pickets or panels attached.

This provides the gate with  much greater structural , ensures much longer life compared to less sturdy construction applications.

A beautiful wood stained, brick and steel gate dumpster enclosure  outside of starbucks in Richmond Virginia

Wood Dumpster Enclosures
These are quite popular due to low cost and ease of service replacement.

Vinyl and Chain Link Slats 
initially more expensive, vinyl dumpster enclosures do not require the maintenance that  come with the natural aging process of organic materials.

The location and use pattern of the dumpster could very well dictate what would be the better value and best fit for the long term.

Enclosures housed on a concrete dumpster pads that require gates and gate posts should be core drilled for the installation of the gate posts. This helps to eliminate sagging.

This white commercial Vinyl dumpster enclosure  fits around a local trash company's blue oversized dumpster.

Adequate planning will preserve the life of the enclosure, decrease damage claims and increase customer satisfaction for quality construction.

Make sure that the dumpster enclosure can return to to its original position after each collection.  This is paramount. 

Since the gates will be used thousands of times over many years, the installation must accommodate the dumpster size, the contents and be easily accessible for local refuse collection service.

Hurricane Fence has installed over a thousand dumpster enclosures of every type since 1994.  Contact us for a timely quote on your dumpster enclosure project.