How Much Does Residential Fence Cost?

Posted by Dawn Lowndes on Mon, Apr 04, 2011

residential fence Residential fence cost will vary depending on several different circumstances.

The first variation is the size of the area you are having fenced in. The average back yard in a residential neighborhood is approximately 150 linear feet. To figure out the size of your area, without an existing fence to measure, one would measure the actual lines where you would like the new fence to be installed. Having a plot survey readily available would be a great tool to assist you in determining how much area you really have to work with.

The second variation would be the choice what type of fencing material you are going to use. The four main fence types of residential fence selections are chain link, wood, aluminum and vinyl. The least expensive of the four would be chain link material. The cost increases as follows, by wood, ornamental aluminum and then, vinyl. The material variation of the pricing can actually fluctuate depending on the cost of the materials at the time of purchase. A 'market price' mentality may be needed in current sales emvironment.

The third varation to consider is the quality and grade of the selected material. With using chain link fence, the size of the post and the gauge of the wire chosen will increase or decrease the price. An example of these variations is the standard choice 11.5 gauge wire with .065 post on a 4’ high chain link residential fence. As the need for security increases, so will the height and durability. Many homeowners choose commericial grade materials for these reasons. Manufacturer and strength of vinyl and aluminum fence materials will directly affect and determine the consumer's cost. Wood fencing's market price will increase or decrease depending on the season.

The fourth variation a final consideration for pricing will be determined by the amount of labor required for the installation. The style of the fence that is chosen can make it easier or significantly more difficult to install a fence. The way by which a company approaches a typical installation, can also help to determine your cost. The more professionally a fence is installed, the more time it will take to perform the installation.  So, a fence post should be dug 2-1/2’ into the ground and packed with 1 to 2 bags of concrete. Many companies do not do this and the front cost will be lower, but you will 'pay later' when the fence is tipping to one side or the other. This part of the fence installation process will determine the time of labor needed to actually complete the job, which in turn will affect labor costs.

When choosing a fence company, it is important to inquire what type of warranty each product has and the different fence styles and materials that they have to offer.

Some general ideas (average) of linear foot price:

4’ high chain link fence | $8 - $10 per linear foot

6’ high wood fence | $18 - $25 per linear foot

aluminum and vinyl | $25 - $40 per linear foot

You can leave the installation up to the professionals:give the experts a call.

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