Who Does Insurance Estimates For Fence Repairs?

Posted by Dawn Lowndes on Wed, Apr 06, 2011

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Fence damage is common in residential and commercial properties.  Damage to residential fence is most often caused by fallen trees, wind, or bad storms.  While damage to commercial fence is usually caused by vehicles hitting the fence and gates, or by vandals cutting fence to gain access to business properties to steal from company vehicles or steal stored company materials.  In either case, the homeowner or business owner, depending on the amount of damage, can engage insurance companies to check on policy coverage and deductibles.

residential fence

Residential property fence damage will require the homeowner to call their insurance company and discuss damage to the fence and decide if the insurance claim is valid depending on the amount of damage and the cost of repair.  Another variable will be the deductible on the insurance policy that the homeowner has with the insurance company.  If the insurance company deems damage to the fence is an insurance claim, the insurance company usually will ask the homeowner to get three separate prices from fence companies and turn them into the insurance agent for processing.  In some cases the insurance company will call three fence companies for the homeowner, have fence companies go to the property to price repairs, and send the quote directly to the insurance company to handle all aspects of the repairs.  In either case, it is up to the homeowner to decide if they want to involve the insurance company to get the fence fixed or if they want to do it themselves and pay out of their own pocket for the repairs.  If damage to the fence is minimal, the homeowner should probably not involve the insurance company because the deductible may not be met depending on the amount of damage.  A phone call to the insurance agent or checking the insurance policy will give the homeowner the amount of the deductible to decide if an insurance claim is valid.

Commercial property fence damage due to vandals usually will not commercial fence theftrequire a call to the insurance company for repair cost.  These claims are usually so small that it would not meet their deductible.  The only reason why an insurance company would be called due to vandalism to a fence would be because other property on the site has been stolen or damaged, and the fence repair can be added to the total insurance claim.  The most common damage to commercial fence is vehicles running into fence and gates entering or leaving business properties.  In most cases, the business can get information from the person who damaged the fence and their insurance company would pay the full amount for repairs and the owner would not be responsible for the cost.  This only happens in cases where people are caught hitting the fence or gates with their vehicles.  If no one witnesses the incident and no one claims responsibility for the damage, the business owner will have to call his or her insurance company to make a claim.  Typically, the procedure to have insurance companies pay for damages would be the same as in residential claims.  The business would be required to call their insurance company and report damage and ask for an agent to visit the property to record damage.  After the insurance agent has recorded damage, the fence company would be called to price repairs and turn in quotes to the insurance company for review.  The insurance company and the fence contractor usually would handle the repair and cost.

Article Contributed by Dennis Sulser