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Secure Entry and Access Control Systems: 

Perimeter Fence is available with the latest technology. We sell, install, program and repair all kinds of entry systems to meet any specific contract needs. These systems prove useful where the need to control pedestrian or access is important. Solar systems are available to provide power where it is otherwise unavailable. There are also entry systems available that can control vehicle access such as Crash Rated Gates. The most common entry sysems include Sliding Gates, Cantilever Gates, Swing Gates, and Vertical Lift Gates.

Sliding Gates

Working in the sames fasion as automatic store doors, Sliding Gates move from side to side. There are two main methods of operation. Chain operated Sliding Gates offer greater gate mobility. Rack operated Sliding Gates have fixed teeth connecting the gate to the gate operator.

Swing Gates

Swing Gates move by rotating on an axis at the edge of a gate. The motion of a Swing Gate is often actuated throught the use of a piston.

Cantilever Gates

Cantilever gates are a type of sliding gate where a counter weight or cantilever is used to balance the gate. Because cantilever gates are balanced they often do not need to have contact with ground. They usualy have less friction and are more gate operator friendly.

Vertical Lift Gates

Vertical Lift Gates open in a similar fashion to overhead garage doors. They lift vertically hence the name. This type of gate is frequently used in applications with space limitations.