Ornamental Aluminum Fence is Wrought with New Options

Posted by Michelle Goodwin on Mon, Jun 08, 2015

Since its inception, Ornamental Aluminum fence have made a nice name for itself among homeowners and small business owners. Aluminum's versatile and pleasing profile has helped it to  become the chameleon of modern fencing.  For consumers who prefer a good blend of modernity and classical aesthetics, Ornamenal Aluminum fencing and gates come in a wide variety of options and several colors.

That's great for fences in Virginia as it has the ability to work extensively on both small and large landscapes.

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Until recently, there have been no options for these who really want that wrought iron look but haven't beenable to justify the labor, time or cost--consider the problem solved.PC Aluminum is an alternative fence application that uses a spray eco-friendly composite spray instead of wet aluminum paint. It's a dry powder is sprayed onto the fence, and static electricity keeps the powder on the enclosure long enough to get it to an oven. While in the heat it melts the plastic to cover the materials, and when the part cools the coating covers the aluminum as if it had been wet painted.The elements of the melted aluminum compote also delivers a unique solution that's twice the thickness and hardness of a typical baked enamel finish. 

Even the best quality (Class 1 Architectural) anodizing is only required to be .0007" thick; whereas paint or powder is generally 3x as thick.The result is an aluminum fence that is just as strong as a traditional steel enclosure. It looks and feels like cast or wrought iron. Best of all the cost of installation will be lower to install and substantially lighter on your wallet.

What about pool fences? Is it waterproof?
Yes, the new coating is not a paint in the traditional sense. While paint can flake, the poder coating will create a multiple textures and layyers that make watter hard to damage. So, splash away!. It also looks fantastic on a range of pool fence installations. The below links will give you a visual for  new aluminum fence options.

It's Not Just What's on The Outside That Counts. 
Think of the interior of your new aluminum fence as a small army of reinforced ribs acting as a retaining wall that supports your fence coating. Then, take a look at some of the many products that use this technolgy. Don't worry, links are here to help.
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What is the difference in terms of durability, scratch resistance, fade resistance, etc.?

Select local fence contractors may offer fence that has the new powder coat finish while others use the standard with a baked enamel finish. The durability and corrosion resistance of an organic finish (paint, powder coating, enamel, etc.) depends as much or more on the pre treatment (zinc plating, iron phosphate, zinc phosphate, sandblast, solvent wipe) than on the finish coat. Furthermore, there are many different resins (polyester, epoxy, etc.) The result of this is that, a consumer really can't predict the durability of a finish; all you can go by is the reputation of the supplier.

If this breakthrough alternative application is exclusive and new, how can I be sure I'm getting what I expect?

Have no fear, the AMMA is here to protect you against fraudulent or poorly made materials on fencing of any kind. AAMA standards are developed and in place in response to the needs of contracting companies to solve critical issues in the industry.They serve are companies of all sizes. AAMA is recognized around the world for the development of standards that provide third-party validation of product performance and quality.You can read more about the AAMA here

If you need to find an exclusive local fence contractor that has access to this new fence option for your home or business, this link to Sonco Fence Worldwide or this Residential Brochure can fill you in on what you, your local fencing company and pocket book need to know.  

 Other Helpful resources for Ornamental Aluminum Fence Coatings and Materials

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Materials and Designs for an Ideal Aluminum Railings

Posted by Michelle Goodwin on Fri, Mar 06, 2015

Outdoor stair railings & indoor stair railings generally have the same purpose in that they both assist in providing safer conditions for individuals using the stairs.

The major difference is that outdoor railings are subject to weather conditions that normally require the use of different materials than those required for indoor railings.

There are other considerations that should be weighed when choosing outdoor stair railings.

home design

Some of these may include the following: stair design, matching color with your home's external walls and trim, materials that will be resistant to weather and climate conditions. There are a variety of materials available for outdoor stair railings with different advantages and disadvantages.

Wood Railings

For railings that present a natural and more rustic look, many people really love the six-foot wood and cedar railings that accompany their privacy fence material.

Wood railings can be polished for a more contemporary look, carved for a classic look, or a more rustic look that comes with the stained, natural wood grain. A log home, or one constructed in a more rural setting, may be made more attractive by using cedar, cypress, oak, pine, maple, cypress, or even mahogany.

Alternatively, these railings may also be painted. But almost without exception, these outdoor railings will need to be to be pressure treated in order to to seal the wood and protect against weather conditions such as rain, snow, heat, and UV rays. Weather cannot only detract from the natural beauty of your wood railings, but it can also deteriorate them, creating slivers and splinters for people who grasp the rails for security.

Metal Railings

If you're looking for durability, strength, or less frequent maintenance in your outdoor railings, you will probably want to consider those made of metal. Metal railings can also be painted to match the exterior colors and designof your home or office, but they are typically used more with contemporary designs. Some are simple and unadorned, while others may be pre-molded in various designs. If you like, a local fence company that provides railings will custom build your railing according to your personal design and specifications. 

Wrought Iron and Stainless Steel Railings

Wrought iron railings are typically associated with elegance. You will often see them on outside stairways near glass doors; painted to match the pastel shades of nearby walls and trimmings. The fabricated, hollow rods of wrought iron railings are usually chosen for a lighter, more delicate appearance. Less often, you will see stainless steel as a choice for outdoor railings. These will usually need to be weatherproofed to maintain their polished appearance.

Stone, Marble, or Granite Railings

The most requested railing will usually be made of granite, marble, or stone. But don't try this at home! These types of railings will almost always require professional installation. Not only are they heavier, but they are more exceptionally fragile and vulnerable to cracking and breaking if installed incorrectly. Usually they will require special fasteners to hold them in place among other specific tools.

Stone, Vinyl & Fiberglass Railings

As an inexpensive railing option, you can usually depend on those made of aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass resin to be used where a smaller budget necessitates their use. Although these railings are typically more durable in harsh weather conditions, they do not provide the class and beauty offered by other a metal, wrought iron or ornamental aluminum stairway material.

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