What Are Passive And Active Force Protection Barriers?


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History & Psychology CH. 2: Where did the perimeter fence come from?

History & Psychology CH. 2: Where did the perimeter fence come from?

As the great English agriculturist Arthur Young said commenting on eighteenth century French peasants’ toil on their small patrimonies, “Give a man the secure possession of a bleak rock and he will turn it into a garden. Give him a nine years' lease of a garden and he will convert it into a desert." Being instrumental in the culture of property, the fence fostered long-term thinking and constructive effort. 

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What Type Of Fence Styles Can Be ATFP Compliant?

Essentially, any type of fence can be modified to meet AT/FP requirements.

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What Are Bollards And How Are They Used?

Bollards are short, vertical posts used to protect potentially vulnerable structures or objects from damage by moving vehicles. Designed for versatility, these posts range in size from 24” to 42” in height, and come in variable diameters to meet a location’s specific security requirements. Bollards are available in four types:

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What is ATFP? And Related K4 K8 K12 Perimeter Security?

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Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (ATFP) is generally defined as a federal security program formed to protect personnel, information, and critical resources from outside attacks.  These attacks could be attempted by the use of Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG), truck bombs, or any means of weighted attack force. Areas of planned security could include law enforcement personnel, intelligence and training. For our purposes we will only discuss the physical security of a site.

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What are bollards and how can they protect your company?

Bollards are short vertical posts used to protect exposed structures or objects from damage by moving vehicles. Sizes range from 24” to 42” in height with different diameters depending on the degree of security required. They are a specialty product that targets a specific task or threat. Types of Bollards available are collapsible, removable, manually assisted and automatic pop up.

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