Shoulda, Wooda, Coulda: Don't let your fence continue to weather the winter.

Posted by Michelle Goodwin on Wed, Jan 18, 2017

You already know it is critical that you prepare your fence for the winter months since it can cause a wide variety of damage to your fence. Severe weather can do enormous damage. Before, you write it off, you can still apply protective maintenance tips to your fence before the next batch of winter weather.

The Big Freeze

With temperatures at a record zero degree average, Richmond Metro, and Norfolk areas this week, your fence is continually alternating between cold wet and warmer wet moisture.  While our wood fences are installed with high-quality wood products, the organic structure of wood can still give pesky mold and mildew opportunity to flourish. 

If you have not already this year, you can still help protect the life of your wood fence by applying a high-quality fence stain and sealant in between storms. 


String Theory

Inspect your wood fence following significant storms. Check for damage and ensure the posts are still level by running a piece of string along the tops.

Look for dips or rises in the string, and examine those posts to see if repairs are needed. Making structural repairs now will prevent the damage from worsening throughout the winter.

Read more about measuring with string here

Snowed In

Whether you live on the main street or a winding country road, snow plows will push dirt, snow ice and chemicals from the road all over your fence.

When you gear up to go outside to clear the driveway, you should at least try and knock most if not all of the lingering snow from your fence. The longer moisture sits, the more damage it may do.

Remove any branches that look prone to breaking off especially if they are large in size. Routinely clean your fence of leaves or other organic matter that has settled on the rails or become lodged between boards.

Overhanging tree limbs can break under the weight of snow and ice, causing damage to your fence on their way to the ground. Monitor any trees within falling distance of your fence, and trim back any branches.


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Posted by Michelle Goodwin on Sat, Oct 31, 2015

It's Halloween 2016: So stake your territory, wipe the goo guts of your notepad, and find a good hiding spot­­. Shockingly, the perimeter security fencing on The WalkingDead is hardly accurate. Here's why:

A huge part of what makes high-security fencing so desirable that is its ability to intimidate on the outside and work even harder than it looks. High-security chain link fence enclosures are engineered to withstand unforeseen disturbances of the natural, human and sub-human variety.

Contrary to the show, High-security Chain link (with or without barb wire) will not buckle under tension. It’s also nearly impossible to cut through. The chain link is fixed to the steel posts by high grade welded wire ties that prevent disruption between the steel posts and the chain link.  Nor will It waiver or warp when hit by a truck at up to 35 mph. Even 700 slow and rapidly decaying zombies wouldn’t be able to penetrate a prison or other restricted access facilities by simultaneously pulling on a solid sheet of no climb mesh chain link.

High-Security fencing also uses steel beams and posts reinforced from underground with concrete. Steel posts are then strategically placed a decided number of feet apart making intrusion virtually impossible.

In our over 20 years of fence construction, we’ve handled more zombie infestations than we can count. Should your Property or Facility come face to fence with the zombie apocalypse, here’s some High-Security Fence Solutions that won’t leave you hanging on by a thread. (or tendon).

 click on the images below.

gates and high security restricted access tiger teeth bab wire high security razor and tape make a nice addition to any high security fence structure. designmaster welded wire security fencing is a chainlink and steel alternative that prevents climbing

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Temporary Fences: 3 Versatile Applications Explored

Posted by Michelle Goodwin on Sat, Sep 19, 2015

Temporary Fences: 3 Versatile Applications for Safety and Liability of Construction Sites and Event Management.

What used to be a Burger King at the intersection of Grace and Monroe is now a construction site for development around VCU.

Temporary Construction Fencing surrounds a new development for VCU Campus West Broad St. Richmond

It is probable and often legally required that construction sites be contained with the use of temporary construction fence. Even the smallest construction site has the potential to become a dangerous environment. That's why most building materials need to be temporarily secured for the duration of a project. 

How much fence is needed? For, how long? What kind of surface the fence will be installed through or on? And, what kind of fence material is considered necessary?

A reliable barrier between the people working on a construction site and the people passing by is a necessary implement. Many municipalities, insurance companies and general contractors require job sites and special events to be sufficiently secured.


There are a few different options for temporarily enclosing a special event or a construction site. Welded fence panels with extended legs that slide into a concrete block or onto a stand bag are commonly referred to as ‘panels & blocks’. This is a common application. These panels are ideal for installation on surfaces that you do not want to permanently or otherwise disturb. It is relatively easy to relocate this type of fence, as compared to others.
Temporary Fence Panels are stacked in semi-high piles and delievered to an event or construction site by a large truck.

Panels and blocks are also a cost effective way to secure a job site. Depending on its purpose, a drawback of using the panel and block system is that it may not be conducive to the addition of windscreen, signage or strategic ad placement.Sizes are typically as follows: 6x10, 6x12, 6x14, and 8x10 panels 

Black windscreen covers a temporary fence enclosure ouside of a suburban neighborhood Branded Windscreen of RIchmond 2015 & Hourigan Construction encloses chain link panels with sandbags in Richmond's Fulton Hill

These can be subject to blowing over in windy conditions due to the added screen weight. If this screen os the most desirable for a particular project,  it is generally installed with chain link fabric attached to driven chain link posts. The posts are driven into the ground by or hand or with a compressor.

Screening is installed using zip ties that attach the screen to the fence. This fence can also be easily removed but can disturb surrounding surfaces. Screening is used for the privacy of the site or as additional advertisement.

The materials used for this application come from fences that have been previously installed. This allows for a both cost effective and environmentally friendly fence solution. 


Wood panneling is an alternative to chainlink temporary fencing and makes it impossible to see construction on the other side.

If a more private fence or a long-term project is being built; fence can be useful. The fence will become an actual wall between the site and the public. This type of fence is hard to climb and virtually impossible to see through. The fence is installed with 4” x 4” wood posts with the plywood attached with screws or nails.

Due to regulations, fences are a necessary item for almost all construction sites. Temporary fence can be rented or purchased depending on the specific application. When deciding on what type of fence a jobsite requires, there are a few questions that always come up.

3- BIKE RACKS & BARRICADESShimano Windscreen cover the downtown barricades installed by Hurricane Fence for Richmond 2015

Though regulations require this implementation the objective, of a temporary fence installation is simply safety. Bike Racks and Barricades are the widest used boundary applications for special events where the probability of routing and re-routing thousands of people is high, and coordinated ahead of time. Check out the miles of Barricade for Richmond 2015 below.

The predictability of bike racks and barricades make them ideal for large and small events. Anywhere security calls for obvious delineation that keeps groups of people from restricted areas make these minimally efficient fence structures a go to for athletic events, music festivals and local celebratory events ala Richmond 2015, The Monument 10K Marathon, or establishing order outside The National or the Hippodrome.

Temporary fences are relatively easy to buy, rent and install. Best of all, they speak volumes without saying a word.

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