Who Calls Miss Utility For Fence Installation?

Hurricane Fence Company will happily contact Miss Utility on the behalf of homeowners and general contractors when excavation work is needed in Virginia. Miss Utility can be reached directly by dialing 811 or calling 1-800-552-7001.
We will need to gather the following information from the customer prior to calling:
  • Contact information (name, phone number, email address)
  • The address of where the work will take place, along with any cross streets
  • The city or county where the work will take place
  • The name of the subdivision and lot number (*required for new subdivisions)
  • A detailed description of where the work will be conducted on the property
  • Whether or not the work area has been marked with white paint (*required when a specific location of an excavation cannot be given)
  • Any special instructions about gaining access to the property (such as locked gates or unrestrained animals)
  • Driving directs when needed (especially to rural locations)
Once the call has been placed and all of the customer’s information has been given, Hurricane Fence will be issued a ticket number and a list of utility companies that are notified by Miss Utility of Virginia. Not every company is a member of Miss Utility, and not every member has underground lines on your property. The markings made by Miss Utility are valid for 15 working days. If the project is not completed by the end of the 15th day, Hurricane Fence will request an updated ticket.


From the website: www.missutilityofvirginia.com
 Miss Utility
“Miss Utility is the “one call” Virginia communications center for excavators, contractors, property owners, and those planning any kind of excavation or digging. The Miss Utility center notifies participating utilities of the upcoming excavation work so they can locate and mark their underground facilities in advance to prevent possible damage to underground utility lines, injury, property damage and service outages.
The Virginia Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act requires that Miss Utility be called at least 3 working days in advance of the planned work to allow time for marking, that the marks be respected and protected, and that excavation is completed carefully. Utility locators have 48 hours beginning at 7 am on the next working day (after our call) to locate the lines and place their response on the Positive Response System.”

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What Are The Latest Fence Codes For 2011?

fence codeFence codes vary depending on the city and state where one a fence is to be erected. It is important to understand the specific fence building requirements for a localized area. The local building ordinances can range from very strict to rather loose depending on the area authority. They can cover specific aspects of fence plan including height, style, color and location.  Again, these codes can vary from city to city as well as neighborhood to neighborhood. Therefore, before proceeding with any plans for a new fence it is very important to fence codecheck with the areas Homeowners Association (HOA), as well as the city and state governments.  The city or county building code office is where you would actually begin. YES, erecting a fence does require a building permit.

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Why Do Homeowners Install A Pool Fence?

Installing a pool fence can be tricky due to the fact that there are many types of fencing choices. Adding value to your house while keeping unwanted swimmers out, a pool fence is not just a barrier, it can also be a yard enhancement. Moreover, pool fence codes actually make it a necessity.

For most people the goal of installing a pool fence is protecting their privacy and to create a safety barrier around their backyard oasis. pool fence codeMore than a savvy idea, having a fence around a pool is required by pool fence codes in most places. The liability of an unsupervised child accidently gaining access to your pool, could spell personal and financial disaster. Adequately securing your swimming area is vital for everyone’s safety and is your responsibility as a pool owner. Having an obvious barrier to the open water of a pool is imperative to the safety and security of all involved. Be SMART; do not let your pool become a hazard.

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What Are The Safety Devices for Automated Gate Operators?

gate operators

Automated gate operators require safety devices, known as Entrapment Protection, to prevent moving gates from striking individuals or vehicles. The standard set for Automated Gate Operation is the UL325 standard as set by The Underwriter’s Laboratory and it consists of four classes of gates. Class 1 is a gate operation that most likely to come in contact with the public such as a personal residence. Class 2 is intended for commercial locations or multi-family housing units, hotels or garages. Class 3 is intended for an industrial location, factory or an area not intended to serve the general public. Finally, Class 4 is placed in a location such as an airport, restricted areas or any area that is restricted to public access.

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Does Norfolk Virginia Require Fence Permits?


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What Does A Fence Warranty Cover?

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Warranty on vinyl fence and aluminum ornamental fence are usually limited warranties that are stated in the manufactures warranty information provided by each individual company. Manufacture warranties may vary from company to company but mostly include the following:

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