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Chain link fence popularity stems partially from chain link's moderately inexpensive cost. This specific fence material is exceptionally adaptable and the simplicity of establishment is a solid choice in a multitude of applications. Common color options for vinyl coated chain link fence are green, white, black and brown chain link fence.

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The 1st Monument: Iron Fence preserves America's earliest history.

Boundary Stone in Patrick Henry Apartments  Arlington Boundary Stones

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RVA's Most Intriguing Fence Project: Tucked Away at MCV/VCU Downtown Campus

Among all the buildings in Historic Richmond, VCU's Egyptian Building is certainly one of the most fascinating. This Replica of an Egyptian temple is tucked away between Broad St. and  the VCU/MCV Colleges of Virginia.  
Richmond Fence    Egyptian VCU Fence

 The building was erected in 1845 as the home for Hampden-Sydney College’s Medical school, the first in the south. It is currently part of the campus of the Medical College of Virginia (a branch of Virginia Commonwealth University) and is the emblem of the campus.

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Galvanized versus Vinyl Chain Link Fence: Is there a difference?


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Offense/Defense: The Redskins Choose Black Ornamental Fence.

Hurricane Ornamental Black Aluminum Fence Temporary Chain Link Fence
Richmond Virginia is steadily gaining notoriety as one of our nation's most up and coming urban playgrounds. The decision to bring The Redskins Training Camp to RVA has created a lot of buzz across a variety of demographics. From VCU Art students and career relocation transplants to baby boomers and die hard football fans. The Redskins Training Camp is a welcome addition to our city's evolving culture.
ornamental aluminum fence

Hurricane Fence Company  was thrilled to be selected as the exclusive fence installation provider for this amazing project.

So what went into creating a specialty fence system for this sleek & inviting landscape? The Redskins team managers and Hurricane Fence Company worked closely to ensure that the view of the field remained open. Several different sets of custom made specialty fences were constructed using powder coated black ornamental aluminum fence.

Several 48" and 4' black racked ornamental aluminum create a seamless flow between the new entrance and the existing landscape. These specialty fence structures are a welcome sight along Leigh Street. Developers in the City of Richmond have been actively pursuing bridging the residential and commercial gaps in that area.

One of the special features of this custom four foot fence enclosure is a classic spear picket tip that tops each individual aluminum fence post. This provides a visually appealing ornamental fence, as well as an added security element.

Redskin's Training Camp Richmond Redskin's Training Camp IMG_0927

Privacy fence and mesh were installed adjacent to the main entrance accomodates visual appeal and provides a barrier between the parking lot across the street at 840 Hermitage Rd.

Temporary chainlink panels or movable fence were a great solution for areas that needed sectioning off during the three weeks of Redskins Training Camp. Incorporating specialty wind screens with team graphics to the chain link fence structures added extra visual appeal. The panels are approximately 6' x 10' in size and are lightweight for ease of maneuverability.

Free standing with feet that maintain their upright position, these panels are very stroThe Redskins Training Camp project was another opportunity for Hurricane Fence Company to work with other local Richmond ontractors.

It allowed the city's growing small business market to branch out and create important relationships within the Richmond Virginia Construction Community. This Redskins Training camp job allowed Hurricane Fence Company to showcase the capabilites of the SWAM Businesses of Richmond Virginia.

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How Do You Fix A Rotted Fence?

How to Fix a Rotted Fence is explained below: By Denise Brown, eHow Contributor

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