What are Turnstiles and Pedestrian Control Gates?


Turnstiles are a form of gate that allows one person to pass at a time in one direction. Also known as a baffle gate, they can be accessed by payment (coin, token, or card) or are used  simply to count the amount of people passing through and control the amount of people entering through a point. They are often found in amusement parks, airports, or subway terminals. The word “turnstile” is derived from the word “stile”, which is a type of fencing generally used for livestock that is structured in such a way (using steps, ladders, or narrow passages) that allows humans to pass without using a gate and without the risk of livestock escaping. There are three main types of turnstiles: waist-high, optical, and Roto-gates

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Options for Commercial Access Gates and Fence Solutions

A Professional Fence Company should have a variety options for Commercial Gate applications. The gate systems are designed to restrict unwanted entry and ensure the protection of assets and employees. Gate systems are designed to work efficiently with repeated mechanical use in any setting. Hurricane Fence Company offers the latest in Commercial Gate System trends and technology in a plethora of scales and styles. These maneuverable fence barriers can be engineered to meet the needs of everything from small Residential Secured Access to the most complex structural demands.

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The 1st Monument: Iron Fence preserves America's earliest history.

Boundary Stone in Patrick Henry Apartments  Arlington Boundary Stones

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How Can I Make My Gate Areas ATFP Compliant?

Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT-FP) is generally defined as a federal security program formed to protect personnel, information, and critical resources from outside attacks. These attacks could be attempted by the use of Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG), truck bombs, or any means of weighted attack force. Areas of planned security could include law enforcement buildings, intelligence and training facilities.

Data Center ATFP GateAT/FP Entry Systems or Gate Systems are created by using passive and/or non-passive barriers.  These gate access systems are specifically designed to reach a level of protection that the facility mandates. These mandates are found in the projects specification section and are designed by highly qualified engineers.

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What Are The Uses Of A Vertical Lift Gate?

Vertical lift gate systems are used in situations that do not allow enough room for a simple slide gate or swing gate installation. These gates are adaptable to most limited space and terrain that are present at a site and come in a variety of continuous-duty operational models. Many federal, state, and local governments utilize vertical lift gates as the key form of entry. Mini-storage facilities, residential estates, gated communities use this style of gate as well.

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What Is Solar Fence Gate Operator System?

Solar Fence Gate Operator Systems are just that. Systems that are powered by the sun. They solar fence operatorare simply solar powered batteries or they can utilize a combination of both electrical auxiliary power and solar panels.

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What Are The Uses of Vertical Lift Gate Systems?

vertical lift gate

Vertical lift gate systems are used in situations that do not allow enough room for a simple slide or swing gate installation. These gates are adaptable to limited space and terrain that is present the site. They come in a variety of continuous-duty operational models. Many Federal, State and local governments use this form of entry gate systems at mini-storage facilities, residential estates and gated communities.

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What are fence gate latches and rollers?

View this SHORT video to better understand some of the different types of fence and gate apparatus.

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What Are The Safety Devices for Automated Gate Operators?

gate operators

Automated gate operators require safety devices, known as Entrapment Protection, to prevent moving gates from striking individuals or vehicles. The standard set for Automated Gate Operation is the UL325 standard as set by The Underwriter’s Laboratory and it consists of four classes of gates. Class 1 is a gate operation that most likely to come in contact with the public such as a personal residence. Class 2 is intended for commercial locations or multi-family housing units, hotels or garages. Class 3 is intended for an industrial location, factory or an area not intended to serve the general public. Finally, Class 4 is placed in a location such as an airport, restricted areas or any area that is restricted to public access.

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Why Buy An Aluminum Cantilever Slide Gate?

Cantilever slide gates eliminate the requirement for ground tracks or overhead support rails. Cantilever construction allows for overhanging structures without external bracing.  These gates have framework that is fixed at one end and is free at the other as seen in the image below. These sliding gates provide a fast, reliable and efficient method of operating a gate for vehicle access. These gates can be made of steel, chain link or aluminum materials. They are durable, safe and can be manually or system operated with ease.

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