What Is A Typical Golf Course Fence?

Posted by Kristen Fugere on Tue, Mar 20, 2012

Split Rail Gold Course Fence

A good fence system for the course allows golfers to practice their technique while being assured safety.  One would not necessarily consider a fence to be a major issue at a golf course, but it is just as important as the fences you find at any other sporting events. There are important reasons as to why a fence on a golf course is needed, such as:

  • To create a perimeter when the property runs adjacent to a residential area
  • To create boundaries for golfers along cart paths, property lines, ditches, and lakes
  • To create shield and protect maintenance areas, dumpster enclosure areas, and cart areas   

Golf courses are known for their beauty. Looking at the parking lots, maintenance areas or the dumpster can just destroy a view.  Privacy fences are often erected to create a visual barrier around these areas. Privacy areas one would typically use a wood or vinyl product about 6 feet tall. Both wood and vinyl (PVC) fence products come in all sorts of different styles and treated materials. 

For security fence one would most likely use a chain-link style fence topped with barbwire. These materials can be purchased in different colors and they are primarily used for perimeter security. The chainlink selected for specialty areas, like a golf course, are coated so they can provide long-lasting and attractive security.

A split rail or horizontal board style fence is often used along cart path boundaries to keep golfers off wet and hazardous areas.  These materials are normally made of pressure treated pine.

There are different types of fence to meet any want or need.  Golf course designers should consider their fence needs and meet with a qualified fence professional to render ideas for a golf course project.  It is a must to choose a professional team who can offer knowledgeable fence solutions and provide a quality job for the fence installation.

Article contributed by Todd Jones

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