What Are The Uses of Barbed Tape or Razor Wire Fence?

Posted by Dawn Lowndes on Mon, Jan 17, 2011

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Barbed tape, also known as Razor Wire, is a mesh of metal strips or steel tape that is punched in various patterns to form barbs or blades that are much sharper than standard barbed wire. The tape is compressed around a single strand of high tensile wire. Razor wire is manufactured in various sizes, shapes and designs to with the sole intent of inflicting serious cuts to anyone attempting to climb through or over it. It is a great deterrent to would be escape or property egress as well as unwelcomed entry. The manufacture materials used are plain, galvanized and stainless steel.  The stainless variety prevents the barbs from rusting to an eventually ineffective bluntness. Typically the core wire is made of galvanized steel and the tape uses stainless. However, stainless over stainless is an offered alternative for permanent or long-term installations.

At one time barbed tape was primarily found in high security prisons and long-term stay mental hospitals. With the development of reinforced barbed tape in the 1980's the military began using it in their facilities in place of then typical barbed wire. Barbed tape takes up little space as compared to barbed wire, and it is fairly easy to install. It is a great entry deterrent and simply offers more reliable security. Barbed tape is currently being used more and more in commercial and light industrial applications. It is now being utilized as a deterrent to vandalism and burglaries.

  • Installing can be as simple as adding a single coil to the top of an existing fence or wall for added security at a commercial property.
  • lt can be installed in multiple rolls on existing fence tops, vertically or bottoms for maximum security facilities.
  • Barbed tape can be used alone by stretching it along the ground or stacked in pyramids for a quick perimeter security.

Barbed tape has been used on a wide variety of facilities. The list includes light to maximum-security prisons, mental hospitals, military facilities, oil refineries, airports, utility companies, nuclear power plants, fuel storage depots, piers, warehouses and commercial properties. Barbed tape is widely used by homeland security and law enforcement for our border protection and other law enforcement activities.

Article contributed by fence professional Terry Lewis.

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Who is the best military fence contractor in Virginia?

Posted by Dawn Lowndes on Mon, Sep 27, 2010
Hurricane Fence Company has been dedicated to installing high quality military fence in Virginia for over 16 years. We have established security force protection for military bases throughout Virginia. Our project management and construction teams assure compliance with the requirements of all branches of our military for airfields, shipyards, forts, ranges and other associated supporting facilities. We are proud to fulfill the requirements of our military establishments.

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Preliminary Considerations:

It is important to recognize that Security Fences alone will not stop a determined intruder.  To be effective, security fences need to be augmented with personnel and other means of support.  Security Fences are used to accomplish the following:

 a)  Define the perimeter of a restricted area

 b)  Provide a physical and psychological deterrent to entry

 c)  Prevent accidental entry

 d)  Optimize security force operations

 e)  Enhance detection and apprehension of intruders

 f)   Channel and control the flow of personnel and vehicles through 


Additionally, the amount spent on security protection should be based on the cost of the item protected, “possible damage that the loss of the item could inflict upon the civilian population, and the importance of the item to the overall security and readiness posture of the command.”

Chain-Link Fence is the most common way to enclose restricted areas at military installations.  Federal Specification RR-F-191 is the primary document for security fence requirements.  While Chain Link Fencing is expensive (though much less so than Ornamental), it is relatively easy to maintain and provides intruders with little ability to conceal themselves.

Recent terrorist events involving suicide –type crash vehicles has led to the reinforcement of security fence using cables when trying to protect certain restricted areas.  Tests have shown that adding a cabling system to existing chain link fence greatly restricts the potential penetration of vehicles.  K4 barriers will stop a 15,000 pound vehicle traveling 30 mph, K8 will stop a 15,000 pound vehicle traveling at 40 mph and K12 will stop a 15,000 pound truck traveling at 50 mph.  Hurricane Fence has the experience and expertise to furnish and install all levels of security fence currently available in the market.

Additional Barriers:

Some examples of additional barriers are:

1.     Active (pop-up) vehicle barriers

2.     Active and passive bollards

3.     Across the road bar-type barriers

4.     Dragnet systems

5.     Concrete planter boxes and  jersey bounces

6.     Buried heavy equipment tires

7.     Concrete and concrete block walls

8.     Highway type guard rails and cable systems.

(source: Military Handbook Design Guidelines For Security Fencing Gates Barriers and Guard Facilities)


Article contributed by fence professional Spalding Showalter.

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Who builds the best fence in Richmond and Why?

Posted by Dawn Lowndes on Wed, Sep 08, 2010

Hurricane Fence Company has been dedicated to doing a good job for over 16 years. We go the extra mile to provide high quality installations and finish projects on time.  We offer dependable fence solutions and we pride ourselves on our rate of return customers. Our customers stick with us, and we intend to keep that a fact within our organization.

Owners John Lowndes and Dennis Sulser opened the first Hurricane Fence Company office in Richmond’s Fulton Hill neighborhood in 1994. They still take a hands-on-approach to operating the business from a newly renovated Dinneen Street location in Richmond Virginia. Vice-president Todd Jones directs the Norfolk office that opened in 1998 to allow an up-close command of our extensive naval base work. Crews are dispatched daily from both the Richmond and Norfolk Virginia locations.

Our comprehensive selection of chain link and steel ornamental fences offer security and attractive fencing solutions for all sized businesses. Our sizeable Operator Division handles an extensive line access controls and entry systems meeting an array of enclosure needs. Additionally, Hurricane Fence installs bollards, guardrails and temporary fence. Expanding to provide perimeter security fence for Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and the District of Columbia; we still individually serve all of our customers and their precise needs.

We present homeowners with sturdy and affordable ActiveYards brand residential fence options.  Residential choices of wood, vinyl, chainlink and aluminum fence types are available in a broad range of styles to suit any homeowner. We provide free estimates, experienced design services, and custom installations in Richmond, Williamsburg, Norfolk, and the surrounding Virginia areas.

Hurricane Fence Company is a licensed and bonded Class A contractor capable of doing large jobs with effective and efficient methods. We have an on the ball design and installation team and are SWAM/Small Business Certified Company with an active safety program.  Hurricane Fence participates in commercial and industrial fence projects and is licensed and certified in multiple municipal local, state and federal locations.  We look forward to servicing your project no matter its size.

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What are bollards and how can they protect your company?

Posted by Dawn Lowndes on Mon, Aug 30, 2010

Bollards are short vertical posts used to protect exposed structures or objects from damage by moving vehicles. Sizes range from 24” to 42” in height with different diameters depending on the degree of security required. They are a specialty product that targets a specific task or threat. Types of Bollards available are collapsible, removable, manually assisted and automatic pop up.

  • Collapsible bollards collapse by using a key or allen wrench to unlock the bollard.  It then folds down to allow traffic to pass through an area. These bollards are used for traffic control.


  • Removable bollards can be unlocked from its support base to allow access to certain areas when needed.


  • Manually assisted bollards are crash rated bollards that are hydraulically raised by unlocking the bollard and manually pulling the bollard upward until it locks in place.


  • Automatic Pop Up bollards are crash rated and automatically deploy when an alarm device is activated. These bollards are used as protection against criminal or terrorist attacks.


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Bollards are used for ship moorings, traffic control and protectionfrom criminal and terrorist attack. We also use bollards to protect fence and walls in parking garages and lots, gate operators and access control devices in gated communities, parking areas in front of our favorite convenient store and key

Automatic or pop up bollards installed in different arrays have utility installations increasingly been used to protect government facilities and military installations against potential terrorist threats. Bollards are only one part of a security plan when incorporated into a complete perimeter security system. Bollards control traffic patterns and provide a major deterrent against criminal or terrorist attack. Depending on the need, bollards provide a product that can achieve the end result with a small footprint at a relatively small cost.

There are many companies that supply specialty bollards and bollard systems. Most contractors can supply and install any generic stationary bollard. At Hurricane Fence we can supply and install both. If you have a need for this product or just looking for some advice please feel free to contact us.

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