Reasons to Add Fencing to your Commercial Property

Posted by Dawn Lowndes on Sat, Jan 29, 2011

 The reasons for installing a fence at a business are very similar to the reasons for installing a backyard fence at a home.


When many of us move into a new home, one of the first structures that we add to the yard is fencing. Why? Because a high quality, sturdy fence will be highly effective in keeping pets and kids inside your yard safe, and other animals or intruders out, will improve the appearance of the home, and will enhance privacy in the yard. These same benefits, Security, Improved Appearance and Privacy are equally applicable to a commercial enterprise.

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Security is usually the first reason that people will install fencing around their business. Considering cost as well as effectiveness, chain-link fencing is generally considered the best fence for commercial purposes. Avoid solid barriers when erecting security fences. While a visual barrier is desirable when erecting privacy walls, it is counterproductive for security fences by offering intruders an easy place to hide. The primary benefit of chain-link fence, strong yet see-through, makes it most effective for security purposes. For the same reason, ornamental fence also makes fine security fence. However, while wrought iron is much more attractive than chain-link fencing, it is also much more expensive.

Depending on the type of business you own, privacy might be an issue. A business owner located in a residential community may seek the privacy and appearance of privacy board on wood fence or vinyl fence. Shopping areas that are adjacent to residential settings often these.

This can also be the case for business owners like lawyers or accountants who would like to ensure privacy for their clients. It can be true if you own an apartment building or high rise.

While privacy and security are the top reasons why many businesses will choose to have a fence installed, curb appeal is another great benefit. There are many attractive commercial fence options that will accentuate your property and keep your business safe. An attractive appearance allows you to put your best face forward when potential customers come by. Ornamental fencing is often a popular choice for this purpose., but rural businesses might prefer a wood fence that will fit better with the style of the property. Vinyl fencing is also becoming another popular choice because it requires less maintenance than wood and can be used to complement a number of styles.

There are allot of good reasons to add fencing to your commercial property - additional security, improved privacy, and enhanced appearance are but a few. It is important to note that the quality of installation is crucial to these benefits, so always be careful to use only licensed and experienced fence professionals when considering the addition of fencing to your commercial enterprise.

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Will A Fence Lower My Homeowner’s Insurance Rates?

Posted by Dawn Lowndes on Mon, Jan 24, 2011
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There are dozens of factors that underwriters and actuaries look at when determining rates or premiums of home insurance policies. Insurance underwriters examine applications for insurance to determine if the applicant meets underwriting eligibility requirements. They also examine the records of existing policyholders to determine if they have excessive claims history or a frequency of late payments. In some instances, they may be required to terminate coverage by issuing a notice of cancellation.

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A fence can help to lower your homeowner’s insurance by immediately decreasing the amount of vandalism or burglary claims submitted by the homeowner. As with most insurance claim situations, it is the unseen cost that is best understood versus experienced. Fences are a great protection in cases that could prevent homeowner liability. Underwriters may see a as a form of security similar to an alarm system and a wise insurance consumer will ask there carrier to consider it during the quote process.

Two things that can significantly raise insurance rates are the presence of a pool or hot tub.  It is an insurance requirement to enclose these with a POOL CODE FENCE.  Fences lessen the chance of people from entering your property without your consent. It reduces yours and the carrier’s liability. If you have a trampoline you may also want to consider fencing it in to prevent people from using without your consent. These are all good examples where people have lowered their rates by simply adding a perimeter fence.

In the market homebuyers should take an existing fence into account while looking at possible houses to purchase.  These are specific costs that can be factored for insurance and installation need in before the purchase or sale of a house or property.  Considering these hidden costs can save you money both directly, and indirectly.

As a note, damage to fences is typically covered by homeowner’s insurance. Be keen to this if a falling tree hits your fence or it sustains other unforeseen fence damage. Contact your carrier to see if you are ‘covered’ when you forced to replace or repair your perimeter security. Be certain, as you will want to be mindful of your claims history when submitting any new claim. Wholeheartedly weigh the cost of replacing the fence versus the potential rate increase due to a new claim submission. It is wise to have current photographs of any existing fence on file for such instances

Most insurance companies will have lower rates for those choosing to add a fence; however your rates will depend on your particular insurance carrier. There are some carriers that are more likely to lower your rates with the addition of a fence. This is something you should look into with your current insurance provider.

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Fences: What are the benefits and drawbacks?

Posted by Dawn Lowndes on Sun, Oct 31, 2010

Most people already understand that there are more benefits than drawbacks to having a fence. This is why fences almost sell themselves in today’s market!

The impact of a fence on a property and its value can be numerous. Fences enhance, secure, delineate, and add increased value in many ways to a variety of fence picks. Single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums, apartments, estates, shopping centers, malls, restaurants and many more types real property are enhanced by the installation of vicinity suitable fences. In most cases, fences are used to add security while clearly delineating property lines. Schools, childcare facilities, wholesalers, construction contractors, correctional institutions, and military bases are all in need of the kind of security that is readily offered by fence installation.


Imagine this!  You are at a zoo without fences and the animals are roaming the area freely! Does this seem like an absurd assertion? Well, many people do actually own pets. Without fences the SPCA would be much more challenged to perform their community mission. This same principle applies to schools and childcare centers that host small children. Keeping precious beings such as children and pets confined is one of the chief benefits of erecting a fence. Other benefits can be keeping out would be thieves, hiding eyesores such as dumpsters, and creating a sense of privacy for your own fenced backyard. Another benefit of a fence is the immediate creation of safety. Safety is always of maximum concern to parents, childcare workers and educators. Furthermore, business owners must attempt to create safe areas to reduce their commercial liability.  Another straightforward advantage of a fence is increased property value. Beautiful fences not only increase property value, but also can deftly increase perceived living space. This can transfer to positively affect resale values and create more marketable homes.



There are a few fence drawbacks. Some fences require maintenance and most fences seem to stockpile spider webs and pollen. Wood fences decay over time. The will certainly need a regular painting, staining or pressure washing. Chain link fences can rust, as do ornamental steel fences. PVC and ornamental fences need to be cleaned. Maintenance for a fence is a must. When making the choice for a fence, the chosen material must be considered with a full knowledge of the maintenance cost and time necessitated to complete the, sometimes annual, task. 

Other than maintenance, there are few other drawbacks to a fence. As a child, I can recall a bona fide dislike of fences. They could quickly bring to an end a first-class shortcut. Traffic limitation, whether foot or automobile, could be present a problem in some cases. And, visual limitations should always be considered as a possible drawback during a fence installation. As always, the actual cost of erecting a good fence will never be a cheap as the buyer would like it to be. The wide selection of quality fence materials available in both residential and commercial grade can greatly change the cost of a fence. As always, make sure to get the best fence installation for your money. The long-term cost associated with a cheaply installed fence will be infuriating to the buyer who has to deal with a product that prematurely becomes an eyesore.

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A world without fences would be an unorganized, less private, less secure with no indications of who owns what. A fence determines when a homerun is ‘out of the ballpark’. How about honor system correctional facilities? Who really thinks about the day-to-day benefits of fence?  Fences really are important. There is a need for fences. I don’t think it is debatable that there are more benefits than drawbacks to fences.


Article contributed by fence professional John (J.P.) Patterson

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Hurricane Fence in the News in Virginia Beach

Posted by Dawn Lowndes on Thu, Sep 30, 2010


Our very own fence professional John Patterson explains for you and how to protect your air-conditioner from theft or vandalism.

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