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Residential Fence Solutions for Virginia

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High Security Fencing

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Chain link fence is a cost effective way to achieve perimeter security and delineate property boundaries.
  • Chain link material consists of 9-gauge steel fabric core galvanized or black coated. 
  • Pipe strength is usually SS15 intermediate posts and SS40 terminal and gateposts.
  • Fence heights generally range between is 6 ft. to 10 ft. 
  • Options to be added include barbwire, top rail, top tension wire, privacy slats and privacy screening (tennis courts).
Commercial chain link fence uses are:
  • Securing Buildings
  • Parking Lots
  • Bus Lots
  • Police Impounds
  • Material Storage Yards
  • Interior (cages, kennels, dividers)
  • Tennis and Basketball Courts and Athletic Fields