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High Security Solutions

Sensitive military, government, and commercial facilities rely on high security fence systems to complete their security requirements. Airports, fuel depots, power stations, and chemical plants are frequent users of high-security fence. Local courthouses also find high-security fences useful.

When developing a plan regarding what degree of security is required to protect your fenced area, it will most often start with a high security fence.  These can include but are not limited to: K-rated, M-Rated, ASTM crash gates, wedge barriers, and access control systems.

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Common Options

High-security solutions are vast, highly customizable, and intricate. To discuss the nuances of a high-security project, reach out to our team so that we can walk you through the best solution for your perimeter.

Razor Wire 

Razor wire is a mesh of metal strips with sharp edges, which helps to prevent passage. The shape of the barbs also characterizes razor wire. Razor wire barbs are sharper than the barbs of barbed wire. The term "razor wire" is a slang term derived from the brand name. It is not definitively razor-sharp, but the sharp edges of the wire can cause severe cuts in any person attempting to pass through quickly.

Barbed Wire

Barbed wire is a type of fencing wire with sharp edges or points arranged at intervals along the strands.

  • Short barb razor wire has barbs from 10 mm to 15 mm long
  • Medium barb razor wire has barbs 20 mm to 25 mm long
  • Long barb razor wire has barbs from 60 to 66 mm long

Wedge Barriers

Wedges are designed for maximum perimeter entry security and drastically reduces the potential for an unauthorized vehicle to enter a secured location present a threat. When installed, the unit is completely flush with the roadway surface, requiring no side pillars or above grade assemblies. In addition, the hydraulic operating cylinder is concealed behind a tamper-resistant panel.

  • K12 crash test certified (M50/P1 equivalent)
  • Rapid deployment rate
  • Flush with roadway when retracted
  • Anti-skid top plate
  • Shallow mount installation
  • Hydraulic power unit & weatherproof enclosure

Access Control Systems

Access control systems restrict entrance to secure areas of a property, building, or room when the security of sensitive information or equipment is paramount. A commercial-grade access control system provides the initial classification of who gets into the facility including a second level of security, controlling who has access to what areas of the establishment.

Some systems communicate and coordinate with other security measures for a streamlined and integrated approach to protecting the company, its employees, its assets, and its data. The automated nature of the system provides 24/7 protection. 

Any space requiring limited access to authorized personnel only should have an access control system in place. The security requirements of a particular facility determine which electronic access control system is the best application.


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