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Dumpster Enclosures

Dumpster enclosures don't have to be the eyesore you are used to seeing at places like your neighborhood convenience store.  An efficient and affordable way to hide trash and recycled equipment has never been more attractive and customizable.

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Why Dumpster Enclosures are Necessary

Keeps Animals Out

Unprotected trash bins attract all types of critters businesses and property managers don't want hanging around. Adequately secured and constructed commercial dumpster enclosures keep animals from dumpster diving.

Keep Humans Out

Often, dumpsters are the target of vandalism and information theft. If you're worried about an attack on your facility's trash receptacle or have already had issues with this in the past, you'll benefit significantly from a secure and gated dumpster enclosures.

Streamline Your Property

Trash can areas are unsightly. Even if you aren't worried about protection from animals or people with ill intent, commercial dumpster enclosures still offer the considerable benefit of disguising your waste products from customers and employees.

Dumpster Enclosure Options

With a variety of styles and materials, you can have a dumpster enclosure that completes the visual appearance of your facility and complies with jurisdictional restrictions.


Wood dumpster enclosures are a pliable material that is easy to customize, with tons of possible designs. These enclosures tend to be the most cost and time-effective option to mend or replace. After deciding on a wood dumpster enclosure, it's advisable to install on concrete penetrated galvanized steel posts.

Chain Link

Galvanized or vinyl coated chain link dumpster enclosures are available in various heights. Slats for chain link dumpster enclosures accentuate robust, rugged chain link mesh and will add to the overall appearance of your chain link dumpster enclosure. When inserted into a new or previously installed chain link enclosure, slats facilitate privacy as well as added decorative elements.


Commercial composite dumpster enclosures provide the natural look of wood or stone fencing without the required maintenance or wear and tear. The design of composite creates a beautiful, consistent look on both sides of the enclosure.


Although initially more expensive, vinyl dumpster enclosures do not require the maintenance that comes with the natural aging process of organic materials. Vinyl dumpster enclosure materials come in prefabricated parts that slide easily into place. You can also select from a myriad of style choices when you install vinyl.


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