Commercial Fencing and BaRRICADE IN wASHINGTON dc event

The UCI world championships are annual competitions promoted by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) to determine world champion cyclists.

Championships are held for men and for women, on the road, on a velodrome, cross-country, downhill and indoors. There are also championships for disabled competitors.

Hurricane Fence Company Inc. is honored to be a contributor of temporary fence and barricades for Richmond 2015.

The City of Richmond has worked tireless on the organization of the event's transportation layout. Roads, buses, foot traffic, parking lot access and even shuttles from Hanover County,VA have all been considered and accounted for.

Along with Richmond 2015 partners, UCI. volunteers and staff, the city has prepared a plan that will keep these crucial elements working together with the flow of the traffic without blocking in commuters and RVA local businesses.

Sonco temporary barricades can be used in commercial and event settings alike. Richmond 2015 Societe logo for vendors Hurricane Fence Company logo Since 1994

Crowd control french barricades used at a professional soccer or football event outside

Richmond 2015's perimeter enclosure plan calls for a streamilined location specific set up and an easily transportable of temporary fence borders. In conjunction with our good friends at Sonco Worldwide, Hurricane Fence will install hundreds of steel barricade

This specific fence solution is a lightweight and more mobile alternative to the classic heavy duty barricade of industry's past. This fence is Ideal for delineating foot traffic or establishing a secured perimeter for bike racks, automobiles, race spectators, advertising space and combatting unexpected weather.

steel barricade can be positioned to provide security and crowd control during events
A crowd of spectators stands behind a temporary commercial barricade at a rally in Washington, DC


Good Game: RTC may over but our Barricades, bike racks and temporary fence is still on tour. 

This year's RTC had a good run, but we think our Spear Picket 4 ft. Ornamental Aluminum that surrounds the entire facility did even better. It seems like every year not only do we step up our ability to plan, install, combine and relocate our fencing systems, but the value of our service lends itself to handling a vast number of the city's most lucrative urban development projects this side of The Recent Richmond Renaissance. Ahem, I mean "RVA"  While not as cute or british as the traveling gnome, we think if fence had feelings, it would be truly excited to be a part of it all.

Check out the last pics from RTC and get ready for updates on RICHMOND 2015 which is officially 30 days away.
RTC_2015_End_2 RTC_2015_End_20 RTC_2015_END_2015_13

Redskins Training Camp 2015: If  You Build it They Will Come

The Washington Redskins are headed back to train at their new facility for year three Redskins Training Camp. All of  the bells and whistles are sure to follow with fans, vendors, paparazzi and the players themselves coming and going for the next few months. As the exclusive fence contractor for the entire facilty and grounds, Hurricane Fence continues to provide all commercial temporary fencing solutions as maintinance and upkeep of all the Ornamental Alumunum Enclosures and a predetermined layout for both foot traffic plan that incorporates the original installation of Ideal Aluminum's 4 ft. Spear Pickett Commercial Series of Fencing Solutions

Looking over a temporary fence installed by Hurricane Fence of Richmond for the Redskins training camp season 2015.
A group up view of spear picket ornamental aluminum fence enclosures at the redskins training camp in Richmond, Virginia. spear picket aluminum fencing surrounds redskins training camp in Richmond, Virginia.

Check out the specs for the permenant Spear Picket Ornamental Aluminum Fencing System from Ideal Aluminum. Works beautifully and seemlessly for both Residential and Commercial fence applications. Stay tuned for more RTC updates from Hurricane!

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Welcoming Three New Additions to Our List of High End Fencing Solutions

Appalachain-alluminum-logo Longevity-Fence-Logo-1
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DESIGNMASTER FENCE SYSTEMS  is a west coast welded wire company that has made fence not only clean and industrial in appearance but still offers the height & security of traditional chain link / Barbwire and ormnamental steel.It's a unique option with many applications. Use your imagination to create a custom welded wire fence that will have your neighbors and customers do a double take. 

THE LASTING APPEAL OF LONGEVITY around your yard is that it produces a fence enclosure with superior impact resistance and UV/weather protection for unsurpassed durability. Commercial vinyl fencing is adept for most applications specified by builders, developers, architects and property managers.
Longevity Vinyl will change the way you look at residential privacy vinyl fence.cations.  

ORNAMENTAL ALUMINUM has become synonymous with elegance and Appalachian Aluminum pays a suitable tribute to its close cousin, wrought iron. The signinficant time, upkeep, labor cost difference makes Appalachian Aluminum a formittable fence option bridging modern technology and old world charm.


Redskins Training Camp 2014: The Boys are Back in Town

redskins fence, redskins training camp, redskins camp, redskins
Hurricane Fence in RVA is proud to provide fence solutions for Redskins Training Camp again this year. Last year's maiden voyage of The Redskins Training Camp allowed Hurricane Fence Company to encompass the whole facility with eye-catching Spear Picket Ornamental aluminum, chain link boundaries and Aluminum railing enclosures. This year saw added ammenities for the facilty, players and patrons installing bike racks, temporary fence panels and a wind and weather resistant black mesh material dividing the parking lot in half and providing a even flow for fan traffic.


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In their first commercial partnership, Hurricane Fence Company and Simtek Fence Products worked in conjunction with The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to replace an existing but dilapidated wood fence that separates the I-95 and 64 Interchange from an otherwise quiet neighborhood in Richmond's North Side.

Hurricane Fence & Simtek worked closely with VDOT and The City of Richmond to provide a low maintenance and cost effective solution for a section of the city that sees some of Richmond's most consistently high traffic throughout the day. Hurricane Fence & Simtek presented VDOT with Eco Stone; a simulated Granite Privacy Fence solution. While not a privacy fence or guard rail in the traditional sense, the new preventative barrier has versatile advantages.

Eco Stone is man-made, and it's lifespan is longer than it's wood counterpart. This attribute makes it a perfect fence solution for a location that gets its share of environmental exposures.Visually, Simulated Granite it's more appealing not only to regular commuters on their way in and out of the city, but vastly improves the neighborhood's aesthetics for its' residents.

This structure was built specifically for the Richmond VDOT project. Typically these privacy structures are not twelve feet in height. However, as specifications permit, Hurricane Fence Company and Simtek Fence Products will custom create a versatile fence structure that matches each client's unique specifications whether a Commercial, Residential or Government Fence Project.



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