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Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (ATFP) is generally defined as a federal security program formed to protect personnel, information, and critical resources from outside attacks.  These attacks could be attempted by the use of Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG), truck bombs, or any means of weighted attack force. Areas of planned security could include law enforcement personnel, intelligence and training. For our purposes we will only discuss the physical security of a site.
We install ATFP secured fence structures that use various ATFP implements. We do not always have to sacrifice good looks for increased security. Many of our fence styles can be fitted to AT/FP standards. And, exisiting fences can sometimes retrofitted by adding k-rated cabling with a good design and experienced installers. We install ATFP Entry Systems or Gates that use passive and/or non-passive barriers. These systems are specifically designed for the level of protection that the facility mandates.
  • Our Passive Barriers allow the passage of entering vehicles at all times.
  • Our Non-Passive Barriers are permanent entry obstacles. We use bollards, wedge barricades, drop arms, slide gates and newly designed net systems. Our Barricades are sometimes used in conjunction with fence gates  and can actually be mounted to fence gates.