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Fences are built to be strong, durable, and long-lasting with the proper care and maintenance, and of course, when a reliable contractor installs them. However, weather can have a big impact on the integrity of your fence. The pros here at Hurricane Fence are here to share how fences are affected by different kinds of weather, so you can decide on which material to get and how to care for it.

How Weather Impacts Your Fence

Every type of fence material offers its own pros and cons. When it comes to weather, each type of fence is affected differently, so let's discuss how different weather can impact your fence:

How Does Rain Affect a Fence?

Any type of fence can be impacted by heavy rains. For example, rain can cause mold to grow or it can loosen the soil surrounding the posts. However, the type of fence material that is most susceptible to rain damage is typically wood fencing. Although most fences are pressure treated and sealed, water can still make its way through the seal which can cause rot, warping, and sagging.

The best way to protect your fence from rain damage is to choose a reliable fencing contractor who uses top-quality materials. You can also continue to prevent rain damage on your wood fence by sealing it every two to three years.

How Does Snow Affect a Fence?

Snow is another element that can really impact your fence's integrity. While light snowfall can't do much damage, heavy snowfall, especially when it is mixed with ice, can severely damage your fence. Wood and vinyl fences are most often adversely affected by snow, as the weight of the snow and ice can cause boards to crack or the entire fence to lean under the pressure of the snow.

It is important to brush snow off of your fence regularly throughout the winter to reduce the weight.

How Does the Sun Affect a Fence?

You may not think of the sun when worrying about the integrity of your fence, and while it won't necessarily ruin the structural components, it can really impact the color. Like anything that sits out in the sun for too long, your fence can be sun-bleached and fade. This is mostly a concern for wood, vinyl, and composite fencing.

In order to prevent discoloration, choose a fence material that is UV resistant. If your fence is already discolored, you can stain it or paint it when needed.

How Does Wind Affect a Fence?

Any high-quality fence should be able to stand up against wind. That being said, if your fence is installed by an inexperienced contractor or isn't made of the best materials, wind can cause some issues.
The way to prevent wind damage is to choose a contractor who is experienced and uses top-quality materials to ensure a durable and strong fence.

Why Choose Hurricane Fence?

Since 1994, Hurricane Fence has been a reliable source for high-quality, long-lasting, and beautiful fences. We offer residential and commercial fencing services that are built to withstand anything the weather can throw your way. Contact us today to learn more about our fencing installation services.

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