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Whether your New year's resolution is to get some more time outside, boost your home’s value, or simply give your property a facelift, 2024 is your year for a new fence!

The residential fencing market is always changing, and styles are constantly evolving to meet the needs and wants of homeowners everywhere. That’s why Hurricane Fence Company has compiled the biggest and best upcoming residential fencing trends for 2024. From vinyl privacy fencing to elegant ornamental aluminum styles, read on to find the perfect fencing fit for your residential property!

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Residential Privacy Fencing

Privacy fence Residential Fencing Trends

Privacy fencing has been a mainstay in neighborhoods for years. Without gaps between its boards, you can count on evading the prying eyes of your nosey neighbor or anyone else looking to view your property.

Privacy fencing is also an excellent noise deterrent and, depending on style, can also add an extra layer of security and safety, ensuring all animals and children remain inside the property line when needed.

These are the styles that we have seen on the rise!

Horizontal Vinyl Infill Boards

Vinyl fence infill boards

You can take a ride down any residential neighborhood and find a tried and true white vinyl privacy fence. Historically, the standard privacy fence has been constructed with vertical infill boards, but newer styles allow for the homeowner to decide whether they’d like these boards in both orientations. With vinyl’s pedigree of being attractive and easy to clean and maintain, it is no wonder that it has become a mainstay in the residential fencing market.

Visually speaking, horizontal infill boards can do a lot for your property’s perceived space, opening it up to appear wider and longer than it already is. On the flip side, more traditional vertical boards do the same for the perceived height of your yard.

Horizontal infill boards are striking with their clean line design and can significantly impact the overall feel of your property once complete. It is a contemporary style, and when designed with that in mind, you are sure to impress at the first BBQ of the summer.

Wood Semi-Privacy Shadowbox Style

wood shadowbox fence

Whether you’re looking for a more classic style or are contained to only wood styles due to HOA guidelines, shadowboxes have been on the rise for a few years now. 

Shadowboxes achieve their signature look through the use of alternating boards on both sides of their rails. This allows for the comfort of privacy fences while also allowing the breeze to cut through, cooling your yard in the process. This style also means that your fence is less susceptible to wind damage. Although wood remains the king of residential fencing, we find that shadowboxes add a pleasant depth and texture compared to the tried and true traditional styles.

Ornamental Aluminum

ornamental aluminum

Ornamental styles have long been a mainstay in the residential fencing field. Originally being caste iron in style (and still manufactured to this day), Hurricane Fence has switched to aluminum for its durability and more accessible price point.

Although slightly more expensive than some of the other options, its aesthetic appeal can’t be undervalued. If you are looking for a classic look that will never go out of style and is built to last, ornamental aluminum styles are the way to go.

From 2 to 4 rail variations, there are plenty of styles to choose from. These solid, easy-to-maintain options easily fit into and accentuate your home’s aesthetics. Its gapped posts used to dissuade pet owners from owning this style, expecting their smaller animals to be able to escape. However, new additions such as ActiveYard’s “Puppy Picket” have rendered this fear something of the past. The Puppy Picket is easily attached to the bottom of your fencing with half-spaced pickets, ensuring even the smallest of dogs will have trouble getting through. 

While these styles are versatile and contain main benefits, they are limited in height, so make sure to read your HOA guidelines carefully before deciding. That goes for every fence style on this list.

Composite Fencing

Composite fence

Composite fencing isn’t as popular as other styles, but they have been popping up here and there in residential neighborhoods. These fences are made to mirror the look of other materials, such as stone or wood, while still maintaining all the benefits of a synthetic fence (i.e. easy maintenance, rot resistance, etc.).

Due to its larger-than-usual price point, many homeowners opt for a more traditional style. However, the unique look and quality of the material is plenty enough to persuade those looking for a “forever” fence.

Residential Gate Operators

Much in line with composite fencing, residential gate operators may run a pretty penny, but they are unparalleled in convenience and security, allowing you to open or close your property with a single button.

Coming in many different styles and operational controls, your options are endless when it comes to residential gate operators. That is why Hurricane Fence became the first fence company in Virginia to have an in-house operator division, ensuring we can meet the detailed needs of every customer we meet.

Here’s to 2024!

Whatever your reason for looking for a new residential fence, we hope this information has given you a solid place to start your search. Please feel free to read any of our other blogs on this topic to help you narrow your search, or, if you are ready to speak with a professional about your residential fencing needs, please feel free to give us a call. We service customers in the Richmond, VA, and Tidewater, VA areas and can be reached at 804-353-6030 in Richmond and 757-853-5669 in Tidewater to schedule your free quote.

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