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Hurricane Fence working to provide the best security possible for Richmond's Capitol Square

Project Managers:

Jamie Coe - Operator Division Manager

Mike Kelly - Commercial Project Manager

Ahead of the 2022 Governor Inauguration in the state of Virginia, security measures were the top priority for our clients - The City of Richmond. Our team was the best option for the city, offering countless options in terms of fencing, operators, and security barriers for Capitol Square. Below, we are going to show you the custom work we completed & it's importance.

Hydraulic Bollards:

The first project installed was done by our operator team - with these Ameristar Titan steel hydraulic bollards. These bollards are designed to be able to stop any vehicle from entering the property after hours and/or during an event. The security guards have the ability to put them up and down, offering the option to leave it open for visitors during business hours.

Stoplight Bollards:

Directly next to the hydraulic bollards, we installed these decorative steel stop light bollards. Although the major purpose of these bollards is decorative, they still offer the red light & yellow light in order to direct traffic through the round about that sits right inside Capitol Square. Same with the hydraulic bollards, these can be directed and maintained by the security guards.

Custom Steel Stationary Bollards:

Although these are custom to this project, bollards are incredibly important to any high security project. These can prevent any sort of traffic from interfering with the protected area.

Custom Double Swing Gate & Operator System:

Our operator team worked incredibly hard to make this custom gate & operator - especially to match the existing fence color. This steel gate was custom built by our team of welders & painted by our team as well. This gate sits on a High Security Swing Riser System & is operated from the security guard shack that sits next to the entrance.

Fence & Pedestrian Gate:

Lastly our commercial fence team installed this custom iron fence in the Essex Green color to match the historic existing fence around the perimeter of Capitol Square. Again, our welding team custom made the pedestrian gate to match as well. This iron fence has been on the Capitol properties for years & it was incredibly important that our team match what was already there & not to interfere with the history of the area!

If you or your company has any customization jobs - commercial or residential - give us a call at 804-353-6030 to speak to our team!

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