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Bollards are short, vertical posts used to protect potentially vulnerable structures or objects from damage by moving vehicles. Designed for versatility, these posts range in size from 24” to 42” in height, and come in variable diameters to meet a location’s specific security requirements. Bollards are available in four types:

  • Collapsible bollards: Used for traffic control applications, these bollards are able to be unlocked and taken down with the use of a key or an allen wrench in order to allow traffic to pass through an area.
  • Removable bollards: Removable bollards can be unlocked from their support base to allow temporary access to protected areas when necessary.
  • Manually assisted bollards: Manually assisted bollards are hydraulically raised by unlocking the bollard and manually pulling it upward until it locks in place.
  • Automatic pop-up bollards: Used for protection against criminal or terrorist attacks, these crash-rated bollards will automatically deploy when an alarm is activated. They are used frequently around government facilities and military installations.


The sheer versatility of bollard systems lends themselves to several other applications, including the protection of:

  • Ship moorings

  • Fences and walls in parking garages and lots

  • Gate operators

  • Access control devices within gated communities



Whether it’s controlling traffic patterns, securing a gated community, or providing a major deterrent against criminal and terrorist attacks, bollards are an integral part of any perimeter security system that can be obtained at a relatively minor cost.

While some companies can supply specialty bollard systems and most contractors can install any generic stationary bollard, some companies can supply and install both. A qualified company can help you find the right product for your application and answer any of your bollard-related questions.

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