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If you have decided that replacing an old fence or adding a new fence is the right choice for your yard, then it is time to pick and call a fencing contractor. However, fencing installation is not one of those things that people do all the time. You might not know what to expect when it comes to getting a quote for a new fence, which makes it very difficult to prepare properly for an appointment. If you need a new fence, Hurricane Fence Company is here to share what you need to expect when getting a quote.

Before Calling

Before making the call to your contractor, or potential contractor if you intend to shop around, you will want to have a few things worked out. The first is to check with your Homeowner's Association, if applicable, to make sure you can have a fence and if there are any restrictions.

Next you will want to call your utility service to make sure that there are no buried lines in the area you want to install your fence. You can call 811 in order to get this information and have areas with buried lines marked by the city.

Decisions to Make For the Quote

When actually making the call for the quote you will want to have an idea of what sort of fence you will want. A contractor may need to come out and measure the areas and take a look at the land before giving you a concrete quote. However, before that even happens you will want to make a decision between the materials used and the style of fence.

For example, a double-sided fence will look quite nice from all angles, but it will also be more expensive because it is essentially double the fence opposed to a single sided or shadowbox style.

Furthermore, the material you choose will also affect the price. Chainlink fencing is the most affordable and basic fencing option. However, if you want something like cedar wood fencing or wrought iron, the price will be a lot higher.

Get a Fence Installation Quote

If you are interested in learning more about Hurricane Fence Company, and our high-quality fence installation service, contact us today to request a quote!

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