Hurricane Fence Company provides Gate operators installation for  for homes in Virginia and business perimeter security in Virginia and The Middle Atlantic Region. 

The Hurricane Fence Operator team will give you a timely estimate on operator and access control services and answer any questions you have on your options. We walk you through the entire process from concept to completion. Contact our team today to get started.

When the operator senses an entrapment, two important things happen.


The gate operator assumes a fail-safe condition that releases pressure on the gate and allows the entrapment the opportunity to free itself without outside intervention.
When the gate operator senses unlawful intrusion, it will stop operation and and activate an alarm as required.
Both of these features exceeds current Industry Safety Standards.


Class I - Residential Vehicular Gate Operator 
A vehicular gate operator (or system) is intended for use in a home of one to four single family dwellings, garage or parking area associated therein.
Class II - Commercial/General Access Vehicular Gate Operator

A vehicular gate operator (or system) intended for use in a commercial location or building such as a multi-family housing unit (five or more single family units.

Hotel, garages, retail stores and other buildings that general public may use these types of gates as well.

Class III - Industrial /Limited Access Vehicular Gate Operator

A vehicular gate operator (or system) intended for use in an industrial location or building such as a factory or loading dock area or other locations that is not intended to service the general public.


Class IV - Restricted Access Vehicular Gate Operator

model_SD_Courthouse_1660.jpg A vehicular gate operator (or system) intended for use in a guarded industrial location or building such as an airport security area or other restricted access location. Most do not serve the general public where in which unauthorized access is prevented via supervisions by security personnel.