Redskins Training Camp in RIchmond, Virginia is enclosed by black spear pickett ornamental fence An access entry gate located at a Bank of Amewrica data center provides limited access for employees and guests

Commercial & Government facilities need structures that encompass a planned specified area ensuring limited or restricted access.  These fences are composed of Industrial grade materials and are frequently made out of single vertical metal, aluminum, and galvanized steel  connected at the top and bottom with a horizontal bar. 

High security Commercial & Government fence systems include K Rated railing and manual or automatic gate enclosures. These fences can have spikes or barbed wire. When applied at the highest elevation prevent climbing. K Rated fence projects are the epitome of security and sustainability. They are the ultimate protective barrier that stands between a facility and unauthorized foot and vehicle intrusion. 

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A yellow and orange automatic drop arm barrier stands at the front enterance of a Data Center in North Carolina.-1.jpg


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