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Wood Fence

Privacy, semi-privacy, and decoration are similar needs for residential enclosures. Traditional wood fencing and gates in cedar and pressure-treated pine can be applied to commercial projects as well. Our commercial wood fences consist of pressure-treated posts and framing and provide resistance from the elements. Wood fences surfaced with pressure-treated pine and chemical-free cedar boards create a natural, attractive, long-lasting structure. For extra support, steel-framed gates are a popular option.

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Commercial Wood Fencing Norfolk VA

Common Wood Fence Applications

Since wood is pliable and flexible, you can completely customize your commercial wood installation to suit the structural and jurisdictional requirements of your fence project. 

  • Property definition 
  • Security from after-hours trespassers
  • Privacy for customer patios & seating
  • Code compliance
  • Desire to achieve a residential look for a commercial property


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