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An aluminum fence is an excellent fence choice for you. However, just as any other type of fencing, there are certain situations where you may need to replace your aluminum fence. Hurricane Fence Company is here with three signs that you need to replace your aluminum fence. 

Structural Damage 

If your aluminum fence has received structural damage at all, it is important to have it replaced. This can occur if a vehicle or other large object hits into your fence, severe weathering, or even human impact. This can bend and break your fence beyond repair, which means replacement is likely the only way to make your fence look and function how you'd like it to once again. 

Welding Issues

Another issues that may indicate you need to replace your aluminum fence is if you are having welding issues. These can occur at any location where the fence has been welded together, so it is important to check for them. If these welds are coming apart, your fence is no longer secure and is not structurally sound. Having your fence replaced at this point is likely the best option for you. 

Bent Posts 

Aluminum fencing is very resistant to rust and other types of wear, but one thing that can occur with your aluminum fence is bending. This is due to the fact that aluminum is so lightweight. If you notice that multiple fence posts have begun to bend due to light impacts, you may want to consider replacing this portion of your fence. While straightening the posts may be a tempting idea for you, this often doesn't turn out how you'd like it to because the posts don't return to their former position.

Overall, an aluminum fence needs to be replaced if it has received substantial structural damage, there are welding issues, or multiple posts are bent. 

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