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Fencing Needs and Restrictions

Before you set out in search of the perfect fence for you, decide what your goals are. Do you just want to keep your pets and loved ones inside your perimeter? Or, are you also looking for some privacy? With so many options out there, it is important to establish some objectives. Otherwise, the task of selecting a fence can be a tough one.

Before installing the fence, check to make sure your neighborhood doesn't have any provisions against a particular type of fence. It's also important to consider how the fence you choose will contribute to or hinder the resale value of your home.

Each type of fence has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to cost, maintenance, and functionality. Although a wood fence may be beautiful now, without proper maintenance it will look worn in a few years. Consider all of your options. And, there are many...

Popularity: Tried & True & New

  • Ornamental AluminumAluminum is growing in popularity as an economical alternative to wrought iron. It can stand up to harsh weather and requires very little maintenance.
  • Wood: Wood fences can be expensive but are great for privacy. If your children play outside, you may want to consider this fence to keep them safe, but be careful if you have small pets, as they may be able to escape under the fence where it meets the ground. Wood requires routine maintenance but can endure harsh weather and last for many years.
  • Vinyl (PVC): Initially more expensive than wood, vinyl fences require very little maintenance and are not susceptible to termites and other pests. However, the color choices are somewhat limited and you'll need to inspect for mold over time.
  • Chain Link: Chain Link is an economical option, but some neighborhoods may have regulations against chain link fencing, so be sure to do your research before you make an expensive mistake. Once you choose chain link fencing, there are a myriad of options to consider, such as height, color, finish coating and the size of the holes.
  • Welded Wire: For a fraction of the money, you can achieve a cost effective and affordable enclosure for a range of applications. The wire can be attached to existing fencing (such as post and rail) or can be installed independently with knock in posts. Great to use for farms both rural and suburban.
  • Ornamental Welded Wire: Unique fence designs with ornamental panels and square open in post shapes that rival traditional iron work and create a unique, secure and beautiful alternative for both Residential and Commercial use.
  • Simulated Stone: PVC and vinyl fencing have really branched out over the past couple of years. What once was a labor intensive and costly project can now emote the appeal of a stone wall or brick enclosure  in a light weight but weather resistant alternative application.
A custom alternating wood picket fence designed by the owner in Richmond, Virginia Designmaster Ornamental Steel Welded Wire fence applications Active Yards line of Aluminum fencing installed by Hurricane Fence Company yin Norfolk, VA Ecostone Simulated Wood Fence Installaion in Norfolk VA adds a brick feel to a vinyl fence.
Above are examples of unique fence designs and solutions installed by Hurricane Fence in Virginia

Know Your Boundaries

Good communication between neighbors is a must for fence etiquette. While it's not legally required, you should always alert or discuss any fence building plans with your neighbors before beginning to build. This is especially true If your property lines are close together or if you want to use a custom design as a result of you and your fence contractor's collaboration. You may find that they will be inspired to replicate your fence enclosure or go in on cost with you. Busy Season Fence installations can be completed year-round. In fact, fall and winter is a great time to schedule your fence installation because companies may not be as busy. Ask the company about their timeline. Depending on the time of year, it could take weeks before they get to you.

Maintain Your Frame

Ask the fence company if they provide painting services before your fence installation. Or, if you're doing the finish work, ask them if you can have the materials to do so before the job starts. The paint job will last a long time if you paint each piece of wood after they are cut to length but before they are installed. Painted fences may need to be touched up every year or two. Your fence will lose its appeal if you don't maintain it. Check your fence every few months for splintering, peeling, mold, breakage or insects. Be careful with the weed whacker near the fence. Over time, that causes splintering and scratches which breaks the seal and encourages damage. When it comes to understanding the ins and outs of your desired fence enclosure, remember that communication with your city or county, neighbors, HOA and professional fence contractor is key to a seamless installation. Think of your fence like a custom picture frame for the piece of art that is your home. Getting these elements in alignment the first time will save you cost, and time and ensure that your home or property maintains its value and lives up to your expectations for years to come.
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