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Temporary Fence & Event Barricades

Temporary fence is commonly used around construction sites, for special events, or any other areas where temporary security is needed. Hurricane Fence Company offers a variety of temporary fence options including temporary fence panels in chain link, wood, or interlocking steel as well as crowd control barriers. Our temporary fence services include rental or purchase, set up, and break down.

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Temporary Rental Fence in Norfolk VA

Temporary Fence Panels

A reliable barrier between the people working on a construction site or attending a structured event is a necessary implement for the safety of workers, pedestrians, and bicycle and vehicle traffic. Many municipalities, insurance companies, and general contractors require job sites and special events to be sufficiently secured. Temporary fence can be rented or purchased depending on the specific application.

Chain Link Panels

Chain-link panels are a cost-effective way to secure a job site. Depending on its purpose, fence panels with extended legs that slide into a concrete block or onto a stand bag are ideal for installation on surfaces that you do not want to permanently or otherwise disturb. Chain link fence panels can even be fitted with barbed wire along the top-rail for added security.


The addition of windscreen to temporary and in-ground chain link panels can be attached to driven chain-link posts. The posts are driven into the ground by hand or with a compressor. Windscreen adheres to the temporary chain link fence via zip ties that attach the screen to the fence. The windscreen can be easily changed or removed. It offers additional privacy with plenty of room for signage or strategic ad placement.

Temporary Wood Fence

For long term construction projects in traditional settings, a temporary wood fence can be useful. Essentially, this will create a wood wall separating construction and the public. This type of fencing is hard to climb and impossible to see through. The fence is installed with 4" x 4" wood posts with the plywood attached with screws or nails.

Vinyl Event Fence

Sold as single panels, portable vinyl event fence panels interlock to create a contiguous crowd control barrier. At the base, legs swivel to compensate for uneven terrain and easy transport. For more permanent applications, ground stakes can be applied through pre-drilled holes in the holes in feet. Because they are engineered with vinyl, the smooth surface and clean look translate to that of a residential vinyl picket fence.

Bike Racks & Barricades

The predictability and simplicity of bike racks and barricades make them ideal for large and small events. Anywhere security calls for distinct delineation that keeps groups of people from restricted areas, make these minimally efficient fence structures a go-to for athletic events, music festivals, and local celebratory events. As the name suggests, they're also great for securing bikes for the day while you attend an event.

Metal Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd control barricades slot together, making erection and dismantling quick and easy. The main barrier outer ring is made from two pieces of continually rolled tube, ensuring a durable and crack resistant end product. Control barriers come in a variety of sizes.


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