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A new fence can serve an integral purpose. It can help establish your property line, keep pets and children in, maintain your privacy, and also block out unwanted sights. However, a fence installation can be a pretty big project, and often is done right on the edge of your property. As such, you may be rightly concerned that the work or even the fence itself will be upsetting to your neighbor. If you want a new fence, but also want to be a good neighbor about it, what can be done? Hurricane Fence Company is here to help!

Opening Up Communication 

Often the best first step is to open up a line of communication with your neighbor about your intention to build a fence. Sometimes this can be as simple as telling them you are building a fence, where you are building it, and them saying okay. Of course, you may find your neighbor has concerns. If this might be the case, you will need to decide what you will compromise on and what you will not. It is your property and in a sense you can do what you want, but being unwilling to compromise on anything can create a lifetime-long neighbor dispute. 

Once you and your neighbor have come to an agreement on the fence, you will also want to keep them informed on when the installation will be done. Contractors try to be as unobtrusive as possible when installing your fence, but your neighbor will still likely want to know when workers are going to be near their own property line. 

Adhering to Restrictions 

If your home is part of a Homeowner's Association, then there will be certain restrictions on fencing. You will want to look up these restrictions before choosing a fencing style to install just to know what you can and cannot do as per the guidelines set by the entire neighborhood. 

Using a Professional Fencing Company for Installation 

The best way to keep your neighbors happy is to create a fence that looks nice. As such, you will want to leave the installation to a professional. Choosing a fencing company ensures the fence is installed correctly and to specifications. It also saves you a lot of needless DIY strife as well. 

Learn More About Hurricane Fence Company

If you are looking to have a fence installed, trust Hurricane Fence Company! We have years of experience and install all kinds of fences. Call us today to learn more.

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