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You have decided that your yard could benefit from a fence, and that is true. A fence can help create a space that is just for you, enclosing your yard from your neighbors. Furthermore, those with pets and children reap daily benefits from a fenced yard. However, you want a fence, but you aren't exactly sure what style you want. Let the professionals at Hurricane Fence Company help you decide!

But before anything else, you will want to look up if there are any neighborhood restrictions for fence styles. Some Homeowner Associations have restrictions on not just fence height, but styles as well. It would be a shame if you installed a wood privacy fence only to be told to tear it down or face daily fines. 

Chain Link Fencing 

As one of the most affordable fence styles, chain link is the bare-bones style for when you just want your yard enclosed. As it is a rather unobstructive fencing option, it does little to provide much privacy, but it also doesn't obscure your view either. 

Privacy Fencing 

Made from either wood or vinyl, privacy fencing is perfect if you have nearby neighbors and a want to create privacy in your backyard. It can often make your yard feel like it is truly your own again. However, as the panels need to be close together, the fencing does cut off any scenic vistas from your home and requires more overall material. 

Ornamental Styles 

Picket fences, aluminum, wrought iron – ornamental fences can come in a number of visually pleasing styles. The nice thing about ornamental style fences is that they are functional and stylish. However, if you have a little dog, for example, some ornamental fencing styles may allow small animals to slip out between the gaps. You can find ornamental options that are functional for your needs, but it is something that is not automatically guaranteed with every option in this vein.

Learn More About Fencing with Hurricane Fence Company

No matter what type of fence you need, our team at Hurricane Fence can help! If you are interested in learning more about our fencing services, please contact us today!

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