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Hurricane fence fence

At Hurricane Fence Company, we understand the importance of safety and security on construction sites. Temporary fencing is an essential tool for ensuring the protection of workers, equipment, and the general public. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of temporary construction fencing and why it should be an integral part of any construction project.

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What is Temporary Fencing?

Temporary fencing consists of individual, preconstructed chain link fence panels, making it easily customizable and modular. These panels are then anchored to the ground with sand or concrete bags. Panels can be further outfitted with windscreen if desired and is most cost-effective when rented through a fence contractor (like Hurricane Fence Company).

Why Use Temporary Fencing?

Temporary construction fencing is a quick and easy solution for creating a safe and secure perimeter around a construction site. It can be easily installed and removed, making it ideal for projects or locations that require regular access.

Construction sites are inherently dangerous places. Heavy machinery, sharp tools, and unfinished structures can pose a significant risk to workers and bystanders. By using temporary construction fencing, you can keep these hazards contained and prevent unauthorized access to the site.

Additionally, construction sites are often targeted by thieves looking to steal equipment and materials. Temporary construction fencing provides an additional layer of security, making it harder for thieves to access the site.

Benefits of Temporary Construction Fencing


The primary benefit of temporary construction fencing is safety. By creating a barrier around the construction site, you can prevent unauthorized access and keep workers, equipment, and the public safe from potential hazards.


Temporary construction fencing also provides added security for your site. It can deter thieves from stealing valuable equipment and materials, as well as prevent vandalism and other forms of property damage.


Many cities and municipalities require construction sites to have a perimeter fence in place to ensure compliance with local regulations. Temporary construction fencing is an easy way to meet these requirements and avoid costly fines.


Temporary construction fencing can also be used to promote your brand. You can print your logo and other marketing messages on the fencing, increasing visibility and promoting your business to passersby.

Keep Your Project Site Safe & Secure

Temporary fencing is an essential tool for ensuring the safety and security of construction sites. It provides a quick and easy solution for creating a perimeter around the site, preventing unauthorized access, and protecting workers, equipment, and the public from potential hazards. By using temporary construction fencing, you can ensure compliance with local regulations, promote your brand, and provide a safe and secure environment for your construction project. 

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