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Are you looking to take your residential or commercial outdoor space from zero to hero? Adding a fence may be the best place to start! From style to function, a fence can provide you with numerous benefits. Hurricane Fence Company is here with some helpful information on the effects a new fence can have on the outdoor space at your property.

If you are looking to start a residential or commercial fencing project, make sure to contact Hurricane Fence Company at (804) 353-6030 to receive a free quote.


Of all the ways a fence can improve your yard or outdoor commercial space, improved aesthetics is the most obvious. Of course, a fence alone won’t take a barren yard and turn it into the neighborhood hot spot, but it certainly won't hurt!

Whether you’re going for a farmhouse vibe with a nice wooden fence, or something to add some texture like this beautiful gray composite fence, installing a fence on your property is a great way to add a little something-something to your yard or outdoor commercial space.

New Design Opportunities

Fencing also provides you with the opportunity to add new design elements to your property, given you are willing to get a little creative! We spotted some decorative garlands on one of our fences around the holidays, but you don’t have to stop there.

Depending on the height of your fence, you could add some string lights for some added nighttime ambiance or even attach some outdoor speakers to it for yard-encompassing jams. The possibilities are endless!


From a functional standpoint, security is one of, if not the most important benefits of having a fence installed. Your security needs should be considered when choosing your fence height, material, and style, as all of these are factors that help secure your property in different ways.

For example, wood fences are great for security from animals. This may be a favorable option if you want to protect a garden. On the other hand, if you are looking to keep people from gaining access to your property, composite, aluminum, or chain link may be more up your alley.


If security is your primary concern, you should absolutely consider installing a gate with your new fence. Gates can be manual or operator (automatic), and most can be matched to the style fence you are looking for.

Gate sizes also vary widely. Some are designed for car entry/exit, referred to as drive gates, and others for pedestrian use, referred to as walk gates.


Similarly to security, fencing can also provide you with some added safety benefits. For example, one of the most popular requests we receive are for pool enclosures. These are traditionally made of vinyl and include a walk gate for entry/exit. The purpose of these are to make sure unattended children cannot accidentally make their way to the pool and fall in.

Some other examples include fencing & netting for sports fields and courts, like those at a baseball field that are meant to save any spectators from fly-balls, as well as overpass fencing to protect cars below from any loose debris.


Privacy fencing allows you the opportunity to enjoy the peace & quiet of your property without worrying about nosey or noisy neighbors. Privacy fences come in many different sizes and styles, but their main draw is that they leave little or no space between slats. This means that you are free to use your outdoor space without unwanted eyes. In addition, they can help by significantly reducing the amount of excess noise you may experience from sources outside of your property line.

Because this style of fence has little to no space between slats, you may assume that there are limited options in regard to style, seeing as they are basically just a wall of fencing; however, you’d be wrong! Privacy fences are available in many different styles and materials. For example, you can opt to add a decorative top to your fence, like this one with a lattice addition.

Where Style Meets Function

With the seemingly endless fencing styles and purposes, the decision to install a fence on your residential or commercial property is really just the first step. Make sure to consider all of the needs you have before deciding on the specifics of your new fence. Aesthetics, security, safety, and privacy are among the most prevalent functions of a fence to consider, but by no means are they the only ones. Don’t mistake a fence installation for a small project. Give yourself the time to decide on what you need your fence to offer you and your property.

We sincerely hope that this quick guide was able to assist you in your fencing decision. With offices in Richmond, VA, Norfolk, VA, and Dunn, NC, make sure to contact Hurricane Fence Company for a free quote before starting your next residential or commercial fencing project.

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