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Consumers can be hesitant when it comes to making the decision to enclose their home or private property. Part of that could be due to the fact that no one ever thinks about installing a fence until well--you need to install a fence.

But all fence enclosure projects don't have to reek havoc on your wallet. Pricing for a residential fence projects is less than Commercial and Industrial fence solutions and doesn't have to be an afterthought. It goes without saying that the cost of your fence enclosure will depend on the factors outlined below.  Keeping your home safe should be thought of as an active investment.

An affordable fence installation adds tremendous value, security and aesthetic cohesion to a property. Often, it can be the difference between a house and a home.

Fence Materials

The four main types of residential fence materials are chain link, wood, aluminum and vinyl. Chain link material is the least expensive of these options.

Wood, aluminum and vinyl follow in order from least to most expensive. The higher the cost of the material reflects the quality of the material and the lower maintenance requirements.

Market cost at time of purchase can also affect the cost of your fence material. The quality and grade of the fence material also plays a role in the cost of the fence.

Fence Size

Of course the cost to fence a half acre yard would not be the same as a 2 acre one. The most important factor in this category is the perimeter of the area you wish to fence in. The average backyard in a residential neighborhood is about 150 linear feet.

To figure out the length of the fence line, one would need to measure the line where the new fence to is be installed or along the existing fence.  A plot survey would be of great assistance in determining how much area you, by law, have to work with. 

A beautiful custom alternating pickett wood fence adorns this recent renovation on Semmes avenue in Richmond's Forest Hill district.
A Hurricane Fence Company project manager meets with a home owner to put finishing touches on a new wood colored vinyl fence enclosure in Virginia Beach Virginia.

Fence Cost

The market price of wood will increase or decrease depending on the season.  You can ask your installer which season is best to get a good price on wood products. The final cost of your fence project will be determined by the addition of labor costs. The style of fence that you choose to install will play a role in this amount as some styles are more or less labor intensive to install correctly. 

Fence Installation Process

Vinyl and aluminum fence cost is variable by the location of the manufacturer and the strength of the material. The manufacturer’s location can dramatically change the cost of the material as a result of shipping costs. The process of the fence installation will determine the time of labor needed to complete the job. 

A black galvanized chain link fence circles this newly renovated Church Hill residence.
Black matte ornamental aluminum from Ultra Fence sits behind beautiful pruple flowers and a new stone patio.

The Bottom Line

You should always be wary of installers who take shortcuts to reduce the installation cost. It can result in a shorter lifetime for your fence installation and need replacing a fence long before normal life spans. Remember that this is an investment in your home, so it's wise to pay for an  the first time

Before signing the dotted line on your fence contract, you should carefully consider the material, time of year, market pricing and professionalism of the installer are worth the quoted price. 

It is important to make sure you have received a trustworthy estimate for a quality product.

This may sound commonplace, but many fly by night fence installers will give you a great price, but provide no warranties or back up service for the fence. As an aside, it is always important to inquire what type of warranty each product has for the different styles and materials that are offered.

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