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There are a few simple actions that can be taken in order to extend the life of a residential fence. First, using better quality fence materials will ultimately promote longevity. Spending a few extra dollars per linear foot on a higher quality contractor grade fence will help to guarantee fence's integrity.

Plants on fenceSecond, keeping any and all vegetation from growing on the fence, posts, and rails will reduce wear over time.  Natural moisture can potentially rot out the best fence materials. One should also maintain a fence line about 3” from the ground during the installation process. This will help to avoid damage from weed eaters and lawn mowers. Landscaping dents and scratches are the most easily avoided form of fence damage. Using expert fence installers will avoid this simple mistake during installation.

Another hazard residential fences can encounter is animal damage. This occurs mostly with wood fences, but rodents, such as squirrels, can actually chew through chain link fence ties. In extreme cases, installing fence spikes will keep birds and rodents away, but this addition can also seriously injure people. Unfortunately, short of exterminating these animals, it is very hard to deter them.

Fence MaintenanceOne final fence recommendation is to simply pay close attention to the integrity of the fence. Regular maintenance will help increase the material stability of any fence. Wood fences must be routinely stained or painted to seal out as much moisture as possible. Chain link fence attachments should be regularly checked to ensure there are no missing pieces. Missing fence components can cause unnecessary wear and tear on other areas and mechanisms of the fence. While new vinyl fence is basically maintenance free, it doesn’t mean it should be completely ignored. The sooner a fencing flow is caught, the easier and less costly they will be to fix.

Most of the aforementioned suggestions will easily translate to commercial fence damage, but if the addition of superior penetration deterrence in required of the fence, it’s best to research k-rated fence (K4/K8/K12). The anti-terrorism or ATFP fence ratings are designed to measure the ability of a fence, with extra structural support, to stop an incoming vehicle at various speeds.

So, keep in mind fence quality, landscaping, animals, and fence integrity when determining how to prevent damage of your residential fences. In commercial fencing, k-ratings can provide information to help prevent vehicular damage. All of these steps will help you avoid fence damage and extend the life of your fence.

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