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Fencing for a home could be installed for many different purposes, but before deciding to take on the project, one must decide why you need a fence and what purpose it serves for you and your family. Fencing is so much more than just a barrier, it’s an architectural feature, a landscape element, an accent piece, and much more!

Here is what goes into picking the perfect fence:

Step One: Determining what you want your fence to do and what purpose it can serve for you

  • Security and Safety Fence → having that peace of mind that your pets or children will be safe in your yard is one of the top reasons that fences are installed. Keeping children and pets safe from strangers, traffic, etc.
  • Privacy Fence → having your own home also means wanting your own space, that’s where privacy fencing comes in.
  • Decoration → a well-designed, professionally installed fence with frame your home and property perfectly and add a great curb appeal! Having a fence also adds to your property value!
  • Boundary → It’s always a good idea to mark your boundaries, especially if you have a small lot. A fence prevents neighbors from encroaching on your property.
  • Cosmetics → Have trash cans or HVAC units you want hidden? Fencing can also be used to hide those things, and can even be customized to simply go around those units!

Step Two: Cost and Planning

  • Once you have a list of your fencing needs, take your specs to a professional fence contracting company like us here at Hurricane Fence Company! It helps to bounce ideas around and ensure you have the right expectations for your fence material, design law and specifications in your specific area.
  • Fencing costs can be steep, but that’s why it’s important to talk to a fencing professional in order to come up with the best option for you that’s within your budget!
  • HOA → if you live in a neighborhood, there is a very high chance you have an HOA! Make sure to get your fencing plans approved by your neighborhood HOA in order for the fencing process to continue

Fences really do make home feel special, beautiful and something of your own! Get started on your project today → give us a call for your free estimate at (804)-353-6030.

If you are in the Murfreesboro, TN area and in need of a fencing contractor, contact AllStar Fence and Deck today!

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