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So you’ve recently put a beautiful fence in your backyard… Now What?

Now it’s time to enjoy! Your property is now secure & private. It’s the perfect time for you to start enjoying your outdoor living spaces the way they were meant to be enjoyed. Hurricane fence is here with a few fun things to do now that your fence is up.

Read on to learn more!

Get Decorating

A fence is a form of decoration in and of itself, but having one installed allows you many opportunities to continue transforming your yard into your family's own private oasis!

Consider some other ways to fill out your yard space. Fire pits are always a crowd-pleaser in the colder months, and backyard playgrounds go a long way in the eyes of children, but those things can be done with, or without a fence.

One way we see people integrating their fence & their outdoor decor is by utilizing string lights either along the fence line or crossing the yard from one side of the yard to another. Soft, warm lighting is a surefire way to liven up your outdoor space with a relaxing, inviting atmosphere.

Depending on the style of fence you’ve had installed, you may also be able to mount a set of outdoor speakers to your fence for the perfect backyard jam session. Perfect for our next tip…

Throw A Party

Now that you have a private outdoor entertaining space, put it to use! All you need are refreshments, a grill, and some meat and you’ll be the place to be all year long. Get some music going, put some tables out, and have your family & friends over to enjoy this space you’ve created.

Let Your Dog Run Wild

Who doesn’t want to give their dog the freedom they so badly desire? As long as your fence encompasses an entire area on your property, just let the dog out and watch them go! They may take a few minutes inspecting the new fence, or may even be a little apprehensive to go wild without you if they’re used to walking on a leash, but give them some time. Soon, they’ll be doing Top Gun style flybys as they buzz the yard back and forth for…well just about as long as you'll let them!

Worry Less About The Kids

The added layer of protection a fence provides can do wonders for your peace of mind. With little worry of anyone getting in, and assurance that your child won’t be getting out, you are free to let them explore the backyard with less supervision. This not only allows you to rest easier but also gives them the opportunity to gain some confidence on their solo adventures!

Consider Future Projects

In many cases, a fence is the first step in backyard improvement projects. Next, you can start looking into other projects like a garden, pool, patios & decks, and many more. Don’t limit yourself to the possibilities. Now that the fence is in, you can let your imagination run wild!

Get The Most Enjoyment Out Of Your Yard

You’ve just spent the time and money to fence in your backyard, don’t let that space go to waste! Use it to its fullest potential; have some friends over, let your dog go crazy, or get to work on your next project! Whatever it is you decide to do with your new outdoor living space, just make sure you enjoy it the most you can.

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