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When it comes to selecting the perfect fencing material for your property, two popular options often come to mind: ornamental steel and ornamental aluminum. Both materials offer a range of benefits and can enhance the beauty and security of your outdoor space. However, understanding the key differences between these two fencing options can help you…
With the arrival of spring, it’s the perfect time to give your fence some much-needed attention. After enduring the harsh winter conditions, your fence may need some care to restore its beauty and ensure its longevity. With Virginia’s constant humidity only set to rise as the summer truly begins, and the coastal conditions of our…
Every year, the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) organizes National Women in Construction Week. Now in their 26th year of this celebration, Women in Construction (WIC) Week is a time to empower & be empowered– a reminder to the world & ourselves of the place that women have secured within such a male-dominated…
In the realm of security fencing, understanding the nuances of crash rating systems is pivotal for selecting the right barrier to protect your project throughout its lifetime. Whether you’re safeguarding a commercial property, a military installation, or an asset storage facility such as data centers or solar farms, the integrity and reliability of your fencing…
So, you’ve decided that your home needs a fence, now what? It can quickly become overwhelming with the amount of options to choose from, getting quotes, coordinating with neighbors, trying to adhere to HOA regulations, and more.  The truth is, the fence installation process for residential properties is quite simple once broken into steps. Hurricane…
I’ve never been more pleased with a home project.–Kenny M.
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