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After getting the perfect fence installed for you and your family, it’s important to understand if there is maintenance in order to have the best quality for a long-lasting time.

There are a few simple things you can do to extend the life of your fence, starting with the material of your fence. The better quality of materials, the longer it will last. Spending that couple of extra dollars per linear foot for a higher quality material can really benefit you in the long run.

Keeping vegetation and shrubbery from growing on the fence, posts or rails is also very important. The natural moisture can and will rot out even the best fencing materials. You should also maintain about 3 inches from the ground when installing the fence in order to avoid damage from weed eaters, lawn mowers, etc. Having a reputable fence installer is imperative in order to avoid these simple mistakes!

A final recommendation for protection is to simply pay attention to your fence. Wood fences must be routinely stained or painted to seal out as much moisture as possible. Chain link fence material attachments should be checked regularly to ensure no parts are missing. A new vinyl fence is virtually maintenance free, but that doesn’t mean to completely ignore it. The sooner you catch any missing parts or damage, the easier and less costly it will be to fix!

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Material and Fencing like this beautiful ActiveYards white vinyl style ‘Persimmon Haven’ are the best type of material for a virtually maintenance free fencing experience

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