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We get it, you're a DIY pro, and you’ve got all the right tools & the willpower to get the job done. That’s not what we're saying. Sure, you CAN do it, but should you? We don't think so.

Between a long & sometimes complex install process and the possibility of damaging both public and private property (not to mention, yourself), why would you opt to take on such an intense install all on your own, especially when there are plenty of contractors and fence professionals in your area who can provide a complete, sturdy fence without the hassle to you?

Fencing companies like us here at Hurricane Fence have years of experience and industry knowledge to make your fence installation a smooth and easy process. Read on to learn more!

The Install Process

For most residential properties, a fence can be installed by an experienced install team in 1 to 2 days. However, if you are looking to put in the fence yourself, especially without any prior experience in fencing installations, you are looking at more of a 2-3 month time frame.

Depending on seasonality, that can make for a hot & sweaty few months of hard manual labor. From digging & concrete filling post holes to ensuring everything stays level while getting everything set, a fence install is simply difficult to do on a one-person team.

And that just goes for flat-ground properties. Once you add the factor of irregular terrain, weather, & other possible roadblocks, the money you may save from doing it yourself is far outweighed by the time and effort you would need to put into the project.

Underground Utilities

Not only will hitting an underground utility cost you a pretty penny to repair, but it can also be incredibly dangerous, and even deadly if a high-voltage line is hit.

It is easy enough to get your property marked through programs like Virginia 811 Miss Utility, but you can never be sure that those markings are 100% accurate. When getting a fence installed with Hurricane Fence, for example, we take care of every part of the underground utility problem. From getting a locator to your home to taking on the financial responsibilities after hitting a line, dealing with underground utilities is not a headache you need to deal with.


Fencing materials are expensive. Even with lower costs and more affordable materials circulating in the market, the last thing you’d want is to damage anything before you can even get it installed. Not only would that eat away at your overall budget for the project, but obtaining new materials could extend your timeline by weeks.

When you work with a fence company, you can rest assured that all materials will look brand new once installed. That isn't to say that fence companies won't damage any of the materials, but we do have a yard with plenty of extra boards, panels, rails, and posts ready to go if that does occur. Additionally, of course, we absorb the cost for all damaged materials, keeping your contract with us secured to what was agreed upon in the first place.


Opting to do it yourself with a fence install is accepting that your property will be an active construction zone for the duration of your project. You’d need to find a place to store material & leave the work untouched for an extended period of time, all of which can cause serious and fatal injuries if not done properly and with care.

Don't Be A Hero

We know you could get the job done, and probably save a bit of money on install labor while you at it. However, the risks, time, and effort involved in a DIY project of this size are, in our opinion, far too high to account for the monetary savings.

Go worry-free with your fence installation with Hurricane Fence Company. Contact us today at 804-353-6030 for your free quote!

I’ve never been more pleased with a home project.–Kenny M.
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