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You already know it is critical that you prepare your fence for the winter months since it can cause a wide variety of damage to your fence. Severe weather can do enormous damage. Before, you write it off, you can still apply protective maintenance tips to your fence before the next batch of winter weather.

The Big Freeze


With temperatures at a record zero degree average, Richmond Metro, and Norfolk areas this week, your fence is continually alternating between cold wet and warmer wet moisture.  While our wood fences are installed with high-quality wood products, the organic structure of wood can still give pesky mold and mildew opportunity to flourish. 

If you have not already this year, you can still help protect the life of your wood fence by applying a high-quality fence stain and sealant in between storms. 

String Theory


Inspect your wood fence following significant storms. Check for damage and ensure the posts are still level by running a piece of string along the tops.

Look for dips or rises in the string, and examine those posts to see if repairs are needed. Making structural repairs now will prevent the damage from worsening throughout the winter.

Read more about measuring with string here

Snowed In

Whether you live on the main street or a winding country road, snow plows will push dirt, snow ice and chemicals from the road all over your fence.

When you gear up to go outside to clear the driveway, you should at least try and knock most if not all of the lingering snow from your fence. The longer moisture sits, the more damage it may do.


Remove any branches that look prone to breaking off especially if they are large in size. Routinely clean your fence of leaves or other organic matter that has settled on the rails or become lodged between boards.

Overhanging tree limbs can break under the weight of snow and ice, causing damage to your fence on their way to the ground. Monitor any trees within falling distance of your fence, and trim back any branches.

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