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A well-maintained outdoor space speaks volumes about your brand, image, and commitment to providing a welcoming environment. Boost employee morale, attract new customers, and even increase property value by investing in your business's outdoor area. 

At Hurricane Fence Company, we're dedicated to helping you create the perfect outdoor space for your business. In this article, we'll explore creative and secure solutions to spruce up your commercial property. Give us a call at 804-353-6030 for a free quote!

Choose the Right Fencing for Your Business

Don’t get us wrong, we know we’re a little biased on this one. But a beautiful, well-maintained fence can transform any outdoor space. Whether you are looking to create an intimate and inviting outdoor dining space for your patrons or create an area for your employees to relax and work in a private, open area, a fence may be the best place to start.

Selecting the ideal fencing for your commercial property is crucial for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Some popular commercial fencing styles include vinyl, wood, composite, and ornamental aluminum. 

Each material has its own unique pros and cons, as well as numerous styles and (sometimes) colors to choose from. Our knowledgeable fence professionals can help you every step of the way in finding the perfect material and style to complement your business, but to get you started, here is a general breakdown of these fencing materials.

Vinyl Fencing

Low maintenance, durable, and available in a variety of colors and styles, vinyl is one of the most popular fence materials in today's market. Its clean look and color options make it a great addition to spaces you are looking to brighten.

In addition, most privacy fence styles come in vinyl. So if seclusion is what you're looking for, vinyl may be the right option!

Wood Fencing

Wood is the classic choice. Wood fences offer a classic and natural look, while also providing a secure perimeter. You can get wood fences in privacy, picketed, and split-rail styles, including the iconic crossbuck style. It is customizable and can be stained or painted to match your property's aesthetic. Depending on your business, location, and brand identity, wood fencing may provide the most aesthetically pleasing option. 

Wood certainly deserves its classic status. The aesthetics possible with wood fences are unique to the material itself. Some modern synthetic materials (those that try to aim to imitate the look of wood fencing materials) are still easily distinguishable from the real thing. Of course, every manufacturer is different, and there are great synthetic materials out there that are quite convincing.

Composite Fencing

If you are looking for natural aesthetics with all the benefits of vinyl fencing, composite fencing is for you. Although these fences tend to run a higher price tag than some others on this list, Hurricane Fence stocks only the highest quality composite fencing. It is weather-resistant, and won't rot, all while requiring minimal maintenance, and comes in many styles. We have plenty of experience in composite fencing, including this project for a new Estes Express Lanes terminal.

As you can see, not only can composite fencing resemble wood, but other natural textures as well. This particular stone style comes from the always excellent Bufftech. The overall look really helped tie the whole location together, granting added privacy (over 10 feet high!), and blocking excess noise.

Ornamental Aluminum Fencing

Effortlessly elegant while still being overall a low-maintenance option, aluminum fencing styles are great for an added touch of sophistication on your property. It is also highly resistant to weathering and corrosion and is incredibly strong.

Overall, it is important to consider your business's unique needs and aesthetic identity when choosing the perfect fencing solution.

For further detail on picking out the perfect fence for your commercial property, check out this blog post!

Incorporate Green Spaces

Integrating green spaces within your business's outdoor area is essential for promoting relaxation and productivity. Consider planting trees, shrubs, or flowers to create an inviting atmosphere that encourages employees, clients, and/or patrons to spend time outdoors. 

Additionally, green spaces provide environmental benefits, such as reducing air pollution, promoting biodiversity, and regulating temperature. If your company values environmental issues, adding green spaces is a great way to promote that visually.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Proper outdoor lighting not only adds ambiance but also increases safety and security. Illuminate walkways, entrance areas, and parking lots to ensure your employees and customers can safely navigate your property. 

Opt for energy-efficient LED lighting to minimize energy costs and environmental impact. Additionally, consider using timers or motion sensors to further increase energy savings.

Create Comfortable Seating Areas

Encourage employees and clients to enjoy your outdoor space by providing comfortable seating areas. Install benches, tables, or even hammocks in strategic locations to create a relaxing environment. 

Consider adding shade structures, such as pergolas or umbrellas, for protection from the sun. Outdoor seating areas can also serve as an extension of your indoor space, providing additional room for meetings, breaks, or events.

Add Eye-Catching Signage

Invest in custom signage to promote your brand and guide visitors throughout your property. Creative signage can serve as a wayfinding tool, provide important information, or simply be a unique piece of art that adds character to your outdoor space. Feel free to get a little cheeky/funny/silly with these. A quick search (we recommend Pinterest for these sorts of things) you can find plenty of signage examples that are sure to make you chuckle! 

To ensure that your investment lasts for years to come, consider paying the extra few dollars for higher quality materials that are sturdy and weather resistant.

Incorporate Art and Sculptures

Showcase your business's personality by incorporating art and sculptures into your outdoor design. Choose pieces that represent your company's values, culture, or industry to create a memorable and engaging environment. Public art can also serve as a conversation starter, fostering connections between employees and clients.

Prioritize Sustainability

Incorporate eco-friendly practices into your outdoor space design to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. Install water-saving irrigation systems, use recycled materials, and choose native plants that require minimal maintenance and water. 

Additionally, consider implementing solar-powered lighting or other renewable energy sources to further reduce your environmental impact.

Create A Space Your Company & Customers Can Enjoy

In conclusion, sprucing up your business's outdoor space is a worthwhile investment that offers numerous benefits. At Hurricane Fence Company, we're here to help you create a secure, attractive, and functional outdoor area that reflects your brand's image and values. Contact us today at 804-353-6030 to discuss your project and receive your free quote

Together, we can transform your commercial property's outdoor space into a welcoming and secure environment that fosters new conversations, productivity, creativity, and above all else, customer satisfaction. Don't hesitate to enhance your business's outdoor area and make a lasting impression on employees, clients, and patrons alike!

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