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At Hurricane Fence Company, we understand that the most demanding projects require not just individual excellence but the synergy of a collaborative effort.

When faced with the challenging task of providing enhanced security for the City of Virginia Beach, we leaned into our greatest asset: the power of partnership. By bringing together top suppliers, each leader in their field, we were able to meet and exceed our client's needs.

This project wasn't just about erecting barriers; it was about breaking down the walls between expertise and execution to create a solution that guarantees safety, privacy, and peace of mind for the City of Virginia Beach's esteemed court judges.

Collaboration at Its Best:

The recent collaboration with SYNCON LLC epitomizes our belief in the power of teamwork. Tasked with ensuring the safety and privacy of Virginia Beach’s court judges, we knew that only the best would suffice. This wasn't just a job; it was a mission to fortify trust through the highest level of security and controlled access.

The Backbone of Security: Ameristar Perimeter Security's Impasse II Fence:

Our quest for unyielding security led us to Ameristar Perimeter Security USA Inc., an ASSA ABLOY Group brand, which provided the formidable Impasse II high-security fence. The sand-colored slats not only ensure privacy but also blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of the environment, a testament to the quality that Ameristar brings to the table. A special shout-out to Nick Framel, whose expertise was invaluable in this endeavor.

The Art of Access: TYMETAL's Custom Gates and Operators:

No security system is complete without meticulous access control. TYMETAL, with its exceptional design and manufacturing team, stepped up to the challenge. Alex Dolly was essential in helping us create gates and operators that are not just functional but also visually striking.

The Final Touch: DoorKing®'s Barrier Lift Gates:

Our trusted allies at DoorKing®, Inc. once again proved why they are leaders in their field by providing top-notch barrier lift gates. Their equipment is the final piece in this intricate puzzle of security, ensuring smooth and secure entry and exit.

A Leader to Match: Project Management Excellence

At the helm of this monumental project was Hurricane Fence's own Hudson Williams. His management skills and the hard work of his team were the glue that held this project together. His ability to harmonize such diverse elements into a single, cohesive unit deserves our deepest gratitude.

At Hurricane Fence Company, every project is a step towards greater accomplishments. The City of Virginia Beach project is not just a showcase of our expertise but a clear indicator of what can be achieved when the best in the business come together. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our suppliers and team members who have made this project not just a success but a benchmark for future endeavors.

I’ve never been more pleased with a home project.–Kenny M.
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