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If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’ve considered your home security before. With such a rich market of top-of-the-line and all-in-one products available, it can be hard to know where to start.

Securing your home not only provides you, your family, and your property safety from uninvited & unwanted guests, but it also allows you peace of mind, which we all know is priceless.

To get you started, Hurricane Fence has put together a list of a few home security essentials. Read on to learn more!

Security Cameras

Doorbell Systems

Not so long ago, the use of security cameras and monitoring systems was almost only used by businesses. Nowadays, just about any home has a Ring doorbell camera or something in a similar style.

There are plenty of good reasons for this; They work just as intended! Doorbell camera systems are able to give you a live feed directly to your phone, right from your front door. Newer systems even allow you to capture and record anytime the camera picks up movement of any kind.

While Ring and other doorbell camera systems have helped to expand the home security market by providing a product that works for the masses, there are still plenty of other avenues to explore if you’re looking for something more comprehensive.

Other Outdoor Systems

For total outdoor camera coverage, you’re going to want to explore traditional security camera systems. Many modern brands such as SimpliSafe provide all-in-one & customizable systems that won’t break the bank.

The nice thing about these more modern systems is, similarly to how doorbell systems live stream their feed directly to your phone, traditional camera systems can now be integrated fully into the device of your choosing.

Flood Lights

Remember as a kid, climbing up to the cookie jar, putting your hand in, rummaging around for the biggest possible cookie, just to turn around to find your mom or dad standing there watching you. Yeah, nobody likes that feeling.

Security lights provide a two-pronged defense against intruders & trespassers. Firstly, is to let the snooper know that: Yes, somebody is in fact watching you. In most instances, if someone is trespassing on your property, it is because they believe you are either not home, or far enough asleep to not be woken up by any possible movement. When a motion-activated security light goes off, most people's first reaction is to run and run fast.

Additionally, with a lit-up view of your yard, you may be able to catch a good glimpse of the trespasser, allowing you to better help authorities in case they need to be called.

Alarm Systems

Home alarm systems have been around for a long time. The tried and true ADT systems especially have carved out their chunk of the home security market. They also continue to develop as new technologies arrive, modernizing in the process. Again, most of these systems can now be controlled and fully integrated into your devices. Phone, tablet, computer, and at this point, even watch integration make it very easy for the modern homeowner to manage their security system from anywhere.

Lock Upgrades

This tip is largely overlooked, as most people think a deadbolt will do just fine. What most don’t realize is there is a huge market for higher security locks and “smart locks.” From bio-identification locks that use your fingerprint as the key, to electronically coded locks, all the way to mechanical, heavy metal locks and doorstops, your options here are truly wide open.

Fence In Your Property

Sure, we’re a little biased, but can you blame us? At the end of the day, home security is all about deterring potential trespassers, and nothing says “do not cross my property line” quite like a fence. It is your first line of defense. The visual alone is typically enough to get the picture across, but depending on the type of fence you decide on, your home security can grow tenfold.

Each style of residential fencing has its own benefits for security. Aluminum ornamental fences are typically the strongest and come in styles with pointed pickets, making them difficult to climb or vault. Vinyl fencing on the other hand may not be as strong, but its gapless privacy slats make them very difficult to climb.

Although less visually appealing, chain link fences are also great options when security is on the mind. Chain link fences are among the most inexpensive in the industry, and may also be fitted with barbwire or razor ribbon.

Fencing also allows for a different kind of security. Let the dog out without worrying they'll take off down the street. Let the kids enjoy playing in the summer sun without the stress of them running into the street, or worse, someone attempting to take them.


Lastly in the fence category, we have gates. Gates come in two major variations: manual & automatic. Most manual gates come with a relatively simple locking mechanism and are generally not considered any more of a security measure than the fence overall.

However, automatic gates often referred to in the fencing world as operator gates, are highly coveted for their added security benefits. Automatic gate systems are referred to as “operator gates.” These gates can definitely cost you a pretty penny, but if you are looking for added home security in a way that is elegant and gives your property a definite WOW factor, automatic gates are the way to go.

Have any questions about fencing on your property? Looking to get an automated gate? Maybe you're ready to get the ball rolling and get a free quote. Contact Hurricane Fence today to get your fencing project started.

Security When It Matters Most: Always

You take pride in being a homeowner. Keep your home, family, and belongings protected with some of these home security essentials. Shop around, and find the best solutions for you and your family. The market is filled with fantastic products all at mostly reasonable prices. It has never been so easy to stay secure, so don’t let your home go without it.

When you are ready to build the first line of defense on your property, get in touch with us at Hurricane Fence Company by calling our main office at 804) 353-6030 for your free quote.

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